Monday, 24 September 2012

First home birth ever!

This was thursday. Back at Camaman-an Health Center for my last rotation. I'd miss the place! I was there early making up for my duty the day before. I'd worn my type A and brought my CHN bag, crossing my fingers that someone would give birth in the lying-in clinic that day. I doubted it though, not many people give birth to this particular lying-in clinic (I can tell by the other group's experience) and thought the day would go on uneventful and boring even. So we took this shot before our clinical instructor got there and almost everbody had.

But little did I know, God had planned for something to happen. When my C.I finally came, a BHW went to her and asked her if we could assist in a home birth. And we were like O_O, as far as we know, home births are being eradicated, erased and maybe even illegalized in our country. So imagine my shock when I got my CHN bag and headed to the client's house.

I think people need an explanation to why we said yes. The mother was already late in the stage of birth and she wasn't registered in the lying in clinic yet because as I later assessed, she shouldn't have given birth until the first week of October. So yeah, premature everybody. Next, it would be so immorally wrong to risk the life of both the child and mother by being stubborn. Oh yeah, the midwife, whom they appealed to, wasn't there yet and wasn't reachable. (Wut happened to phones?)

Anyway, We arrive and the baby's been delivered. Shocked as I was, my C.I had to instruct me to get the mama's BP. As I did that, we struggled because of lack of equipment. Thank God that my CHN bag carried forceps that weren't mine and we made use of that. After the cord clampign and cutting, I went ahead and tended to the poor baby, who was having cyanosis. I did my best in trying to warm her but could only do so much. Oh, did I mention I was shaking in shivering? HAHAH. Never have I been so scared for the baby's life. It's so delicate!

At around 10 in the morning, we took her weight with my (miraculously still there even when I should have rid of it after duty) baby weighing scale that we made use of. I also had tape measured the baby and found out that her ht was higher than the ideal of her gestational age. We talked to the mother and father about this and yeah. We left after that in the father's cab, as he was a cab driver and yeah. There goes my first home birthing experience. It's barely legal but think of it? Is it morally right to leave the poor God-given child to the cold?

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