Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Why hello there wonderful people of the internet! Has it been a day? How are you and your beautiful, happy selves? Why am I typing like a shamefully optimistic madwoman in the world? Well for one, I'm happy that I'm finally a nonslave of school and that I was able to finish three books today. Well I started reading Fissure by Nicole Williams two weeks ago but because of the book diet I put myself on (not to mention stuck through), I was held from it until yesternight. I resumed from page 49 and read til a minute before midnight and continued the morning after. When I finished that, I immediately moved onto the sequel Fusion. I was appalled that the author wrote a 136 page sequel to a 236 page start.

 So I managed that quickly and read my third book for that day, Graceling

I had mixed emotions for that book and all about it you could read in my book review blog (if I just come around to review all three books in one day--but I'm feeling extremely lazy at the moment).

Anywho, I finished them books at around half past five in the afternoon and shamelessly  ran (literally because no one was home) to shower before going to church for our weekly intercessory meet. Well that was my day, hope yours was as interesting as mine!