Friday, 5 October 2012

Sembreak Plans

i snap a photo while studying. before i bore myself to bleeding.

Muahaha! Free at last! I wasn't even done with my exams but I was already thinking about this post. Talk about excited! Anywho, I'm gonna start by doing the 24hr recall (no food involved). My NCM RLE exam was to start 8:40am, I unfortunately woke up 8:45am. Applying the american principles of russian to school, unbathed. I had asked my mom for a ride but she refused, and later revealed that she was trying to teach me a lesson (BOOHOO, Why teach me a lesson at such a critical time? Well DUH). So I asked for my allowance instead and got a cab running like a madman's in it. I got to school 9:13am, 17 mins earlier than I could've arrived if I chose my conventional route. 

While I was running like a nutcase, I thought to myself that I'm really going to throw myself at the mercy of my C.I's feet and BEG her to let me take my FINALS test. But the Lord is so good that it wasn't even necessary. She let me in and take the test despite the strict nursing policy of NO LATES but yes to LATTES. We rationalized and I ended up with a fair grade. Religion finals was at 12:30pm and I didn't even need to study (I think its pretty obvious at this point that RS is my best subject). After that I went home and put all my effort into studying for my last exam for the whoever semester, NCM LECT, which was at 4pm. I barely passed this one, getting 60 out of 100. Nursing subjects require at least a C in order to pass. Well, this is it. Thank you Lord for sustaining me and keeping me going when all I really wanted to do was give up! Thank you to my family as well, who comforted me. Char. And to think I'm only finishing my first semester of soph year. Imagine what crazy speech I'm gonna have to formulate when I graduate!

Well, unto more beautiful heights! I have a long list of things to do this break. The list follows:

  •  Finish painting this thing I started last summer AND start a new one.

  •  Read at least 3 books and review atleast five.  (I'm currently reading this)
  •  Fast for a cause with the family.
  •  Go back to jogging. 
  •  Rekindle my romance with tennis. 
  •  Put make up more often. Be more lady-like. Think Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. 
okay. this may be too exaggerated xD
  •  Eat less, pray more.
  •  Encourage the youth at one of our daughter churches (preferably accompanied by sister)
  •  Clean house

  •  Develop study techniques for next sem.


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  2. :O your to do list looks very similar to mine actually. Except maybe the be more lady like part. Its too kapoy and im too lazy to make effort xD and seriously, i already take too long just picking out what to wear - and its usually just a tshirt and jeans! lol i suck.. xD

    1. oh and you should add "reply to ezzy's message on facebook" to your list.. xD

  3. like your background song :) i dont understand it but its so relaxing :) goodluck to your study future nurse hehe