Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I Have A Dowry.

No, I don't remember converting to Islam, or some other religion / nation that has a dowry culture. In fact, the dowry was of my own making and will most probably be my own undoing since there's no way to go but forward (and I hate turning back on my words). What do you mean I lost you at "I have a dowry"? Sigh. Okay. Simply put, I put a dowry on my head when I took the oath that I wouldn't be running off marrying someone until I bought my parents a house. What if they want a yacht? Well, they prefer that and and I may need to work my buns off before I can marry (not that it's any time soon). Until then, I'm off the bachelorette list, the market (despite the fact that I've never been on), and bouquet throwing line up. In lieu of this, I would like to remind future me that I should at least think about it before I say "yes" because it's not just "yes, I'll marry you." It's more like "yes, you can have me. all of me. my children. my house. yada yada yada"

Anyway, to those planning to marry, or planning to at least get engaged, THINK TWICE. Haha! Just kidding, Anyway I'm not a love guru so it's not my business to give advices, a simple congratulations then.

And I'm off to posting some pictures of the wedding. These were taken by the mystery camera bearer of Ptr. John's camera & Genesis Rufino. Too bad we had to do the wedding inside, instead of the original Garden Wedding. It was only drizzling, but we couldn't risk it. Will upload more soon (when I get my hands on the official photographer's digitals!)


  1. You're so pretty and nice venue! Hope the wedding went lovely and wonderful. c:

  2. You look stunning with that beautiful royal blue gown.
    Lovely photos. I love your blog so much.
    Keep posting.
    I am your 76th follower.
    Please please p,ease follow back.


  3. thank you kristin! oh it was supposed to be a garden wedding but it drizzled. good thing we had a back up plan :D

    and nerza thank you! i love your blog and the clothes you wear too~ and i've followed back thanks :D

  4. penda you're so gorgeous! You have really grown up into a charming lady! Keep it up and keep on posting!

  5. Pretty pics!:) I think it says a lot about you that you won't marry til you help your parents out. Wow! How lucky your parents are!

    I'm your newest follower.

  6. What :O what did you do O_O lol poor abraham, he might have to wait so long xD

  7. maam jackie thank you maam! praise God! and i hope i will still be able to :) blogging is fun~ <3

    Design_fluff hahaha thank you, i'm even happy to have them. even a thousand houses aren't enough to thank them for what they've done :)

    Ezzy you're luck of faith in me is amazing! hsahahah well, i hope i can buy them a house here in the philippines . for them to retire in. i'm not really in a hurry so it's good.. even more challenging for Abraham to wait on me now hahahah