Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Date (❤) With A Wonderful Person

I have never been on a date with a guy (who isn't blood related to me) ever. And I'm happy to announce that  at eighteen... I am, in no way, breaking that streak. So without further ado, I'm introducing my date: None other than the lovely, amazing, inspiring (and not just because she's my sister,) Abby. Well, I went out of nobody's way yesternight and asked her to spend the afternoon with me earlier today as I consume my for two All-You-Can-Eat pass at Chino's Deli (in Robinson's Mall, Cagayan de Oro City) courtesy of the e'er so generous Miss Venus. Anywho, I decided that even though Abby's not as fat as an eater as I am, this is the perfect opportunity to pay her back for all the love, and putting up and lunches I owe her. So yes, tada!

 If only I wasn't running late earlier that morning, I could've brought our camera to take photos with. But since I was, you'll have to put up with these pics from Abby's tab.
 What ever shall I have? All this thinking is making me hungers. GAAAHR. One of everything perhaps?
Ah yes. The Kickin' Roast Beef it is then! YUM YUM!!~
 Yay. Abby buys me a drink. Mmhhm.
 I Order Smoked Chorizo for myself. Yay! I can still eat a whole bear, but trouble is grilling (pun intended) as Abby is growing full. Le gasp! I cannot have her belly satiated! She musn't give in! No Abby! NOOOOOO!
I put it all at stake when I get her a cheese steak (HA! IT RHYMES!).

 She decidedly takes a bite. Yes! Amazing! It's a Cheesy Heaven! And we do the most naturally cheesy thing in the world, we share. Not because we can't buy another one (we're not even paying for anything), but because Abby isn't having any any more. So I finish it off, (THIS IS MY FAVORITE SO FAR) and thought of getting myself a new one. But I thought in vain as Abby was getting ready to remove me from my temporary carbo-overloading, cheesy paradise. I could've spared another two of them delicatessen! But it was already late and I needed to get to my Pharmacology class before I miss the little-did-I-know-cancelled quiz. Gaaaah! If I knew! But ah well, c'est la vie, n'est-ce pas?


So while we were hungrily enjoying our food, yours ever tried to strike up a convo with the owner's wife and found out a little more about their little establishment. It started with the current owner's mother, She Who Should Be Named But Yours Ever Inevitably Forgot To Ask What, who knew all too well about cooking and decided to share this talent for the whole world to enjoy. Her first born, Chino, had a great hand in the family business and even came up with the recipe for the much celebrated Smoked Chorizo. Now, our respondent tells me that our food genius pursued a career as a chef at The Shangri La Hotel in Boracay and left the business in the hands of their second brother. The latter mentioned then brought the business to the smash hit it is today.

Anyway, I'm telling you. I'm not even inviting you, I'm just telling you to grab some of their menu! Okay, have one of everything. They have delish, delectable deli's you surely shouldn't miss! So go go go visit them now (Robinson's Mall, 2ND FLR). Or go to their website to find out more about their products: Chino's Deli.

We had as much as two deli's each and we HAD to call it a day. Abby was worried about her figure (she's maid of honoring this Wednesday) and although I wasn't, I managed to convince myself I was as fat as I already am and need not worsen the situation. It took some hard, stiff will on my end, as you can see.

Me: You cannot be serious! I think you're over 68kg already!
Other Me: Am not! I weighed myself the other day! I'm still bordering 67kg!
Me: All the more reason you should stay away from food! Have you checked your BMI recently? I bet you're nearing obesity.
Other Me: Oh how farther removed you cannot be! (guess this is what a Shakespearean weekend and an Austen weekday does to my language)
Me: Glutton!
Other Me: I beg to differ! A glutton is someone who eats even when they've been fully satisfied. I have yet to be and bring justification to myself that I am a good steward of food. I like to keep them safe and warm... inside my belly.
Me: Sighs*
Other Me: (guiltily) Oh fine! I shall bereft myself of the honor. Repressed will be my natural affinity for the delectable, and mirthless will my breadbasket be--
Me: I hope the next time you tell yourself to go on a diet, you'd rid yourself of the ostentatious, not to mention haughty, display of vocabulary.
Other Me: Says you, you're the same as I. In words, person--

Stop. I don't want to waste your time on my musings to myself. I hope you have a great weekend ahead! I take in faith that by God's grace, I will too :D


  1. Great photos.
    Seems you're having so much fun

    (following you for a long time now, please follow back)


    1. i have also been following you for a while now. please check again. i checked and you can see me between Lucky Vixen and Gem Marie ^_^"


  2. wow. you and your sis are sooo pretty!!. yummy, i'd like to try that.

    hindi pa man din ako kumakain ngayon, kaya nagugutom ako. lalo na sa descriptions. :|||. hahaha. maybe his mother's name was Deli. lol, just guessing XD.

    I enjoyed your convo with your own self. it's actually funny hahaha.

    1. they're very gooood! to bad i dont think they're available where you're from.

      hahahaha i am happy to hear that my words produced the desired effect! LOL Deli is short for delicatessen which is, as Abe tells me, ready to eat food products (usually cooked meals / salads). nice try though! :D

      it's nice to know someone doesn't think me completely insane. LOL

  3. Your hair is so STRAIGHT. and so BLACK. :OO sweet na man mo ni abe xD me and kaya dont uhh date. But we go shopping together? Does that count? xD haha yay its nice to read penda posts again ~ <3 oh yeah, the food looks so yummeeeey *drools*

    1. when you get back here you should try it! LOL i may be dragooned into buying you some of their goods (the grilled cheese I recommend :D)

      you guys should definitely try it :DD it's very very nice. i would've done with deb too but we are never free together D:

      it is, i'm used to it but it doesnt mean i like it.
      will really do my best to read gatb posts. but i only have so little time.

    2. haha yeah, you can introduce me to the deliciousness food xD

      It's kinda cool. You look korean. xD

      you sound really busy :( Oh well, summer is coming and so is christmas break! :D

  4. i've been to chino's last wednesday . xD
    i first noticed the smell of meat, and yeah.
    i realized that it was the same chino's you were talking about here.
    let's eat there together soon ! <3

  5. The photos make me crave for some foods :| =)) OMG ♥

  6. Looks like you enjoyed your date! with your sister! :)
    Those foods looks delicious!
    Penda, kamukha mo yung close friend ko :p

  7. Must be nice having a sister. I only have brothers. Haha!

  8. belle foto!
    se ti va passa a trovarmi:http://viviconvivi.blogspot.it/

  9. Goodness! You just made me hungry... again. T^T I wanna take a bite of those yummy yummies! Now I am craving for anything that has cheese. *le scan the fridge*

  10. yum! i always have a date too! :D (with my mom and sister ofcourse) :P no guy attempted to ask a date with me. pity me :(