Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Purpose For Everything

All of my high school life, I've always been expecting to see myself in Nursing school (except during my first and second years, which probably most definitely cut that time frame into two--so half of my highschool life). It was my dream to go to Silliman and work my buns for a BSN. Well, I was young and spontaneous and well, what can I say? Venturesome and impulsive? (though I beg to differ! I actually spent time praying about it!) Anywho, I didn't realize my being tardy seven days a week or being clumsy would be a factor here. I thought that if I was passionate enough, it wouldn't be a problem. While I was attending my aforementioned dream uni, it wasn't that big of a deal since I lived in the campus. It only became a big of a deal when I moved back here in city and boom! A ride going to school takes at least half an hour. That may not be alot of time for you, but considering my track record, that's quite a number. Well, there you go folks! The moment of truth when I found out that I'm not quite cut out to be a nursing student. Wipee.

I've cried, weeped, gnashed my anchovies about it. The thing about habits, is that the longer you've been having it, the harder it is to break. That was the case with my tardiness. I tried hard--modified sleeping patterns, ingested supplements, evaluated and re-evaluated my methods, modified my lifestyle. But it isn't easy. Honestly, I've asked God over and over again why this happens to me, and the queries only end when I realize this isn't even God's fault. Whoo. I earned a slap from myself.

slaps hurt so you'll need to settle for me embarrassing myself 

When I was in my junior/senior year of highschool. I got addicted to GaiaOnline. I was RPing, making millions of Gaia gold and thought about it 24/7. Not realizing it, I've created my own idol and gave up alot of things for it, my time, my energy, my studies, my thoughts, my relationship with my family (my mom had to throw a printer over my head to stop me from the internet). It controlled me. I spent nights doing who knows what (because I hardly even remember) till the break of dawn and slept after and went to school at 10am (school starts at 7:30am), late for my third period. Now on my family's defense, they tried to get me out of that addiction. But it wasn't something I can do on my own. Until the summer before my college freshman year, we were challenged at church to break loose from all our bondages and I finally let go of Gaia. I haven't been there since then. Not even to transfer my funds to other players. Boom pow! Thank God I'm over that! YAY Graduation!

if u didn't already know, i'm the conspicuous one with da hair xD

It's been awhile since I slept that late (or early) for the internet. But that doesn't mean I don't get to reap the consequences. Because of the bad habit my body has formed, I find it a challenge to wake up early. Hence, earning the nickname Late-One-Yas.

But my point here is that I thought I had a chronic habit, but slowly, I am being transformed by God into a more reliable person. And I believe He uses Nursing to discipline me. Imagine being late for a minute and having to go on another 8hrs for that minute. It's A MINUTE! It's ridiculous, but I totally had an epiphany during one of my 'mom I wanna quit nursing' talks with my mother. The moment of truth revealed: God is using Nursing to build up what I lost when I gave up my life for Gaia (quite dramatic but true nonetheless).

So this has been quite a long recollection. This is what you get when you attempt to recover Multiple Moments of Truth. I only wish that this affects you, reader, in a positive way and give you a better perspective in whatever giant you're facing.


Duty duty duty.


  1. late-one-yas!!! HAHAHA thats a good one!! xDD oh my i didnt know you were that adik to gaia.. glad you overcame that addiction !! ^_^

    1. Abe had it originally. it was rubbed off on me eventually. hahaha must run in the fam ;P