Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Movie: Silver Lining Playbook

My mom and sisters decided to watch Silver Linings Playbook last week while I was editing our NCP on my/Deb's laptop. I thought they were going to watch 'Mama' so I didn't bother joining in (officially sworn off horror movies - 2013 resolution) but then I heard Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro talking and I immediately marooned myself over the carpet and the NCP was remembered no more (until very much later).

I start the movie with Pat (Cooper) getting out of mental rehab, he and his OCD father (DeNiro) were discussing Brad's peculiar fashion choices. I seriously cannot imagine having an OCD husband and a bipolar son. I would be mad to tears. Anyway, Pat got in for murdering his colleague after catching him cheating with his wife. Months after, Pat gets invited by his friend to dinner where he meets nymphomaniac Tiffany (Lawrence). Their characters develop as they learn more about each other, all the while learning to let go and accept new things easing their way in in their lives.

This is so amazing. A hilarious romantic comedy priding itself with slightly disturbed leads, trashbin jogging attires, football superstitions and dancing second only to Dancing With The Stars. It's sure to give you a good laugh. The characters were played well and critically thought of. The dialogues witty and en point (although all the football superstition jargon got me scratching my belly-I must interrogate dad about what it all means) and the pacing, the climax, the ending couldn't have been better. Would recommend you to watch it with your families. I did and it lead to sporadic LOLing around the house for at least another day. Warning for language though. Gah, really one of the best RomComs I've wasted time on. And I can't believe some people haven't seen this yet! JLaw even got an Oscar for it!

Check out the trailer!


  1. I've been meaning to watch it for a long time, now I'll definitely watch it :-D

  2. Incredibly loved Silver Linings and the pairing of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence! Jennifer Lawrence deserved that Oscar! That scene with her and DeNiro is gonna be a classic!

  3. JLaw and Bradley Cooper are my new Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling :)

  4. I never rated Bradley Cooper much as an actor until I saw him in that movie where he plays a man who takes a pill that changes his whole life. I was able to see his versatility as an actor, since the role relied less on him just being a good looking man and called for more from him in terms of the emotions he was required to display, etc.

    It just goes to show how sometimes, actors and actresses are served a bad hand by the film industry, in terms of the opportunities they get to showcase their talents.