Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Fault In Our Stars THE MOVIE

Ohmygosh please start defibrillating me 'cause my heart is suffering a cardiac arrest! OHMYGOSH MOM! I saw it on a blog and couldn't believe it, I had to go on Green's twitter to verify. I HAD TO. For the life of me, I didn't expect it (I did really, but not like this.)  Someone please pinch me! Pinch me now!

It's making me look like

Although what I'm really feeling is more like this

Read his twitter, along with tons of other articles on who's directing, possible actors, and stopped by his youtube. Anyway, since everybody's doing it (so much for the girl who doesn't succumb to peer pressure), Imma do my own Who should they cast to play who? thing. Yeah, let's go right at it because it's impossible for me to be thinking clearly in about 12 minutes (hopefully by then, this entry would have been signed, sealed and posted)

     While I was reading TFOIS...

I was imagining my friend (but had to break his leg and amputate him in order to achieve the real thing) as Gus and myself as Hazel (wut? A girl can dream right?) but since the proximity of Hollywood to my house is like Ulaanbaatar to Halley the comet, I suppose I can think of someone else promising enough for the role.. So voila! Here is my cast:

Andrew Garfield as Augustus Waters.
(Peter Parker in Spiderman)

or let's young it up with Grant Gustin
(Sebastian from Glee; Campbell from 90210)

and Sami Gayle should be Hazel Grace Lancaster, hands down!

(Alison from Stolen)

I'm really hoping it's not going to be Emma Watson AGAIN (reason as capitalized). Many young celebrities show great potential, I hope the producers, the casting people give them equal consideration. Anyway, I'm always inclined to ask for your opinion. Who would you cast? Have you read the book in the first place? If not, why haven't you? LOL


  1. Woah woah , I heard it just from you , it has been a great book , I actually got it from a local store , and voila . It's turning itno a film . Hope they'll get someone potential for this amazing project .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. glad to have been of service to you noor :D i'm quite excited as well :DD

  2. OMG i LOVE LOVE LOVE the girl!! SHE's SO CUTE. she'd make a perfect hazel!! ^_^

    1. I know right?
      I was just there.. pondering on the mysteries of life--otherwise known as who should they cast as who and then BAM! I remember the movie I saw with Nicholas Cage in it and another BAM--Allison's perfect :DD

  3. HAha, never read it, but seeing you all worked up about it, I might as well see what it is about :D

    1. I feel great that I'm influencing you to read more books like you're influencing me to shop for better clothes (you cant see it now but really--I'm doing alot better!) :DD