Wednesday, 13 February 2013

What to think of your speech impediment

A person recently came up to me to see if I could help him with a speech. And I would be delighted to help but there's only one problem, I am a very bad speaker (that's why I stick to writing *wink*). You see I had a point in my life where I couldn't speak properly, I had a stammer/stutter, garbled words and repeated myself for no valid reason. I used to despise myself because of it, or find it ridiculous that I had it. You see, not many people in my country have speech impediments, that said, I felt insecure inside. But I realized that we shouldn't let impediments, whatever they may be, get in the way of us feeling good about ourselves and being the best person we can be. The moment I started to change my perspective about my speech was the very moment I started overcoming the condition I was in. I practiced, I encouraged myself, and by God's grace, I changed. I didn't even need to see a therapist or a shrink. And all it took was that moment of reflection for me. Now I know it could be different for everyone of us, you may be going to therapy for your speech, but get this--it won't change if you don't allow it too. Call it the placebo effect or whatever, but things are better when you look at it at a better angle. So without further ado, I would like to present you the beautiful ways of looking at your speech "impediment".

Has got to be the sexiest speech impediment known to the world (think Michael Buble). It adds a ZING to everything (pun intended--PLEASE see what I did there) and you cant even say the word without showcasing that beautiful lisp. Whether it's congenital or acquired (most likely teeth prison or retainers), we should embrace it and not succumb to the degradation that some not-so-angelic peers of ours try to associate with it. Think of it as an artistic expression, and see Slam genius, George Watsky, speaking his poem 'S for Lisp' at the 2010 Collegiate National Poetry Slam.

Is mostly associated with nerds. But take into consideration that nerds have infiltrated the fashion world recently and what better way to supplement the fashion statement but by incorporating the classical accessory--the stutter. You shouldn't feel bad about it, there is an abundant supply of stutterers that has taken the world by storm. Notably, Noah from The Notebook, Moses, Bruce Willis, Marilyn Monroe, and even Winston Churchill!

Halting after a sentence, pausing every once in a while is acceptable and expected. We just like took that lesson to a whole new level. But this pause-ophilia isn't even that bad. It's thrilling and shy. One movie that would sum up everything people should know about stutters is The King's Speech. Go watch it if you haven't! It's inspiring and just plain oh-some!

Is not that common with adults, but if you have it, consider yourself rarer than platinum. So what's wrong with saying "topato"? It's cute and gives people a puzzle to solve, it's mind boggling and you need to use a deeper intelligence to understand it. Hey, some people purposely say words backwards, why all the judgment with something so involuntarily done? If your sibling or your child or just somebody you know has apraxia, love them. Talk to them often, read to them and let them read stories too (preferably no Grimm Brothers). Oh yeah, I think it's also worth mentioning wizard next door, Daniel Radcliffe, has a mild form of apraxia. But it surely didn't stop him from zapping old Voldy to where light don't shine (no, I seriously don't mean "down there")

So yeah, maybe a speech therapist can help, but like I said, it doesn't change when you keep wallowing about it or hate yourself for it, or don't want to change it. Sometimes all we need is that extra push or if until then we dont budge, the extra kick. We should start by building our confidence, then setting our hearts to it, practice, practice, practice. After all, nobody gets every tongue twister the first time (except those who can LOL)



  1. nice post penda. :) sometimes i accidentally mix words up like the apraxia thing.. people usually just think its funny. xD

    1. i think i've heard you do that before. LOL, that's great if you're not getting laughed at. bullying can sock. HAHAHAHA i misseth you ~

    2. haha not at all. it's good entertainment xD lol i actually seem to be doing it more often O.o strange.. miss you too mehn ~~ <3

  2. I guess I don't have speaking disabilities, just guessed. I have already watched King's Speech when we had our annual cup, they forced me to join movie review, which in my part, is not my specialty...that's a great movie and very inspirational too!

    Btw, have you checked my recent? French Macarons

    1. it's amazing! good for you. it's not that bad actually. and like my friend ezzy, i sometimes think it's amusing xD