Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hobbies: Currency Collecting

I've previously mentioned that I have been dabbling into the art of attending graduations, and guess what other things I've been doing. Yes, as if the title could be any more cryptic. I have actually started collecting currencies since last year (I think). Most bills I have are from people who have generously donated to my current pot. (namely, Ate Ella, Mama, my sister Abby) I am in no way exchanging them, in fact, I purchase some. I have always been really interested in money but not for the reasons you think. I love watching them and the cultures attached to them. I feel a connection with the people of a country whenever I get a hold of their currency. It's a beautiful feeling. I always get excited but then I check my (lack of) hobby budget and ermm... Oh well, I have a lifetime to collect them. No rush! But just so you know, I'm preferring Asian currencies this year. I also want a Euro, because as sad as it is, I haven't gotten hold of a Euro yet.

Currencies I'm looking forward to this year:
  • Thai Baht
  • Korean Won (I lost mine when I lost my wallet)
  • Japanese Yen
  • Indian Rupee
  • Singaporean Dollar (my mom isn't giving it to me)
  • Bahraini Dinar (who has relatives in the UAE?)
Just saw you know, I am willing to purchase these for a fair price. I'm hopping that when I go to Singapore this May, I'll wait on foreigners to exchange their money and buy them off of their hands. Nyahahaha!


  1. My older daughter collects foreign currency too, and old ones as well. She says she wants one of those proper collector's books for her birthday. And o! Are you really coming to Singapore? You should be able to get some Singapore bills then! -- or email me when you arrive hee hee :)

  2. Yes this May. Oh my gosh! That's such a nice coincidence! I really want to collect old bills too but I then I have to invest alot of time and money in to it. And I just started last year so my collection's still pretty small. I would be able to get them but mailing them to you would cost more than what they're worth XD

  3. You want me to send you AUD? :)

  4. You have quite the collection there. Hong Kong currency is so colourful!

    And I agree. Currency has a lot of important aspects of history on it.
    I wish I could help add to your collection. xD Anyway, good luck with your collection. ♥

  5. Great new layout you got here!! Sorry I've only visited just now. I also collect currencies and I do have a euro! haha somewhere though XD I do need to organize my bills and coins. Good luck on your quest of currency-collecting! :)

  6. my singaporean blogger friend sent me Singaporean dollar before via snail mail! :) She does it for no reason, just told me its a token of our cyber friendship! ;)

    from Myxilog with love <3

  7. It's a great hobby . I had collection of currency from EU & Asian countries and most of them weren't expired . Guess what I did? I exchnaged them in PK currency and spended on shopping :D ( Well don't do it like me ,it was a lose in the end) .
    By the way , if you need Asian currency , why don't you look for PKJ rupees , they're quite low in price!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  8. ezzy, sending me AUD would cost you more than what they're worth. i was planning to surprise you when i go to australia knocking on your door and asking you for money xD

    vien, the hong kong bill is probably my favorite in the collection :DD

    tiff, thanks! gah you make me jelly. ah well, ONE DAY!

    myx! that's so cool! i'm going to SG this May so I may be able to acquire a SGD soon :DD yay!

    noor, thanks for the advice! PK rupees, now why didn't i think of that? anyway, I do want to buy them but the problem is, i have no clue where I could buy them. I'll have to ask various money exchanging markets if they have those (and i'm on a tight budget :D)

  9. hope you'll enjoy your vacation in SG penda! :)

  10. HAHAH penda, you do that and i'll give you lots of money. :D one of each bill if you want. haha just come already!!