Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hobbies: Graduation Hopping

Okay, people have been asking me about my life recently and been questioning my identity on this blog because I haven't been posting my activities of late. I know, I know. I'm a pearl. (What?) Anywho, I would just like to rant about what I've been getting myself into these past few days. I've decided on a new hobby recently. I mean, I didn't plan on it, it just happened. One minute I was figuring out what I should do on a completely domestic day, the next, I was on my way to my friend's graduation ceremony.

The graduation hopping went on until today, which I hope will be the last graduation I'm attending until my very own. Anyway, the graduations I went to are IJ's, Deb's (my sister), Yovel's and Dale's.

Okay, I'm quite aware that these are just different lightings and expressions of my face, and are, in no way, proof to my being present at the events aforementioned. LOL but I promise I will upload ACTUAL grad pics (meaning me and the grads in their togas and caps--you have no choice but to tolerate me since I'm the blogger here NYAHAHAHA) sometime later. I hope you look forward to that instead, since I've already disappointed you with my facial structure (and apparent dreadful humor).

The Perks of Graduation Hopping

  • You show both support and love
  • You have something to do with your weekdays, instead of wallowing or self-depricating
  • You can live in the hopes that they'll come on your grad day too
  • Free grub afterwards (personal favorite)

Anywho. I also have another issue that I wanna rant about. And yes, I think it's quite obvious that I want to talk about feelings. All girls talk about FEELINGS at least once in their lives. So this must be my moment. Well, it won't be an essay but I still want to share that yes, I am a girl, and my hormones are still working and looking forward to some activity with the opposite sex (sad to say). I hate to go all bourgeois on you people who think that having feelings is too plebeian (oh, cry me a river!) but yeah, I'm feeling like this is the perfect moment to just get it out there.

I am very confused was very confused. About liking someone. But I've figured it out now. Finally!

That's it.

You must be disappointed alot since the actual fessing up is shorter than the ranting about the fessing up. But did you know that a moment only lasts for 90 seconds? So before you ask someone for a moment, make sure you timed it correctly!

And here ends another random rant from your favorite blogger on Ohpenda.com (not to mention the only blogger on Ohpenda.com). Do you guys have plans for the Lenten season? My family and I (extended family included) are going to BHCCCI's Family Camp! Woot woow! I'm going to try posting from Mt. Moriah but I can't promise you anything though.


  1. congrats on graduation hopping :P we've been doing our share of that, too ;)

    so when are you graduating? is it sometime soon? :)

    we have no definite plans for the holy week but we'll be out to the beach today ;)

    have fun!

  2. hey there! thanks! it is quite fun isn't it?

    it's no where near soon hehe, say two or three years?

    that's great! hope you enjoy with your family!

  3. LOL you need to message me the juicy details of what you just confessed woman!