Tuesday, 14 May 2013

First Impression of Singapore

We arrived at Changi at around 23:30, (+08:00, which is basically the same as MNL time). When I saw the heavily lighted city from afar, I was giddy with excitement! So there I was, snapping here and there.

  • Everything was expensive, as expected and there was an extremely arduous task of looking for places that sell rice. I ended up splurging my money at Food Republic and Food Opera which had quite the seducing array of genuinely delightful food. 
  • The next thing I noticed was their roads, driver seats and almost everything that involve directions are the opposite of ours (which needed alot of getting used to). 
  • There were no big electrical post (like the ones we have back home) as everything is underground (don't ask me more about this, I am part of a family that thinks elesa is a girl's name). 
  • Their electrical sockets have three holes (the biggest shock ever) and their unlimited MRT / LRT / Bus rides for tourists is the best!

There are lots of other things as well, but it's currently very very late here so I'll be posting them later as we have plans early tomorrow morning.