Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Vacation 2013

Hey guys! It's been a week and I know I didn't tell you but I'm telling you now, I'm on vacation! It's summer in my beautiful country (Philippines) and my family and a couple of our friends decided to visit our neighbors Singapore and Malaysia (truly Asia). I am having the time of my life while we're here, satiating my need for food and milk tea explorations. I promise I'll post our itinerary on my food/travel blog when I get back. But for the mean time, I will tell you about the recent(?) change of currency I noticed that happened in SG and MY. If you're a OhPenda.com regular, you'll remember my hobby of currency collecting. And you'll be able to guess that I already have RM and SGD bills (not to mention coins). But when I came here in Malaysia, I noticed that my coins and some of the ones in circulation are different. The more foreign ones (at least to me) have a more stylish feel to them. So I guess I'm keeping the modern coin in my purse to add to my growing collection. Aside from that, I'm upgrading my paper Ringgit to the new plastic ones that weren't available 2 years ago.

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