Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dream Come True

(Let me just clarify that this picture has nothing to do with this entry, it's just that it felt really awkward eating while these men were looking at me like this. Haha)

When we were in Singapore last summer, I met and (actually) spoke to a French dude from, well, France. I met him while we were having breakfast and we had a little chitchat about the weather and about his trip as I am, by nature, very talkative (then, I hadn't realized his nationality). I noticed his very thick accent though, but found it rude to ask where he's from (no, that's not weird)

So anyway, we were having a great time buttering our toasts when Ptr. John (who was part of the entourage) decided to join us and ask him what I couldn't. To my surprise, he told us he's French. And this is how it went down... (For your benefit, dialogues are in italics)

"Oh, our young lady here..." PJ started.

Please ignore me. Please ignore me.

"... loves your country enough to marry into it."

It's true, but probably without the hyperbole.

He goes, "Oh, really? *Starts talking to me in French... Blah blah..  parlez .. Français.. Yada yada..?"

O_O oh my gosh. This is a defining moment! Quick! Say something brilliantly French! But you should probably address his question first.. "Erm. A peu?"

"Ah, un peu?"

"Ah, oui, un peu!"

And then we barter names and enchantés. So now I know he's Pierre and that I shouldn't go to Paris or I'd be extremely disappointed. And does that deter me? Non! Paris, I'm still coming, if not to see la Tour Eiffel, then to meet enchanting people (and probably buy a spoon). Also, we talk about why we're there. He's traveling alone, trying to see as much of Southeast Asia as he can. No Phillippines on the list though, and I tried convincing him with all that I've got, but to no avail. He had limited time on this trip but he'd promise he'd see it one day. After quite some time, we decided to get a move or else we'd be stuck here all day. We exchanged a bientôts and I decide to leave, but not soon enough not to hear my mother telling him, "Oh, it's always been Sarah's dream to meet a French person. You're her dream come true!"

Why didn't a giant hole appear and just swallow me up? Did I mention Pierre was near my age? Oh my gosh, mom!

To his credit, Pierre didn't think it was freaky or/and funny, he said he was flattered because he's "never been anybody's dream come true before." OH MY GOSH! (the bad kind)

That somehow made me feel worse and I had to run and hide (thank God it was our last day!) I caught a glimpse of him later on but ignored him, partially because that was one of my most  embarrassing experiences ever, and the other part because we've already said our a bientôts (and who cares if they mean "see you later"?), I was certainly not thrilled to see him again later (refer to partial reason number one)

But no hate on my momma. It's a mother's duty to embarrass her children, my grandma did that to my mother by introducing us to my mom's ex. Got lots of kicks from that the following week. And now, thinking how I've blogged about the experience, I regret not asking Pierre for a photo together. It would've been great to add it to my pile of personalized postcard prints. And it would've made this account more legit.

And, I hope you noticed my sarcasm in the title, it'd be hard to miss it.


  1. AHAHAHAHA omg.. there there penda. SAYANG WALAKA NAGPAPICTURE T.T was he gwapo btw? :D did i tell you i had a french classmate once? she sounded so beautiful when she spoke XD

  2. OMG! I got feels while reading your post. Teehee! It's like I'm reading a chapter from a chick-lit where the main character meet his/her soulmate. lol :"> What does he look like?


  3. @ Ezzy. say hi to her for me~ Tell her that I dream of meeting her and when that day finally comes, OH DREAM COME TRUE! (lol, the sad think about types is that they're completely devoid of sarcasm :D)

    @Shekinah, hahaha I'm glad that you find this entertaining, even if it's at my expense (T_T) well, he's Caucasian, with short curly brown hair, brown eyed with green specks in them, one outstretched hand taller than me (i'm 163cm, for imagination's sake) and he has this friendly stubble.

    yeah, it's not so freaky that i can describe him like that! We spent a considerably pleasant time together. ;D

  4. Omg omg omg omg I can't stop saying omg. I bet he look gorgeous + his accent. (though, I'm not that familiar with their accent) I wish I can meet a british guy soon, that will make one of my dreams come true..and we will live happily ever after. Just kidding! But I also dream of something like that. Meeting a british guy on a random day. Hahaha! <3

  5. He looks nothing like how i'd imagined a french person would look like. (my imagination lol) he looks more like how I'd imagine a German person lol. I'm sure they'll wander somewhere around you sooner or later. If not, you could go to London ;) you would meet Brit guys on EVERY random day there ;D