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SM City CDO Independence Day 2013

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The Philippine Independence Day celebrates our liberty from the oppressive Spaniards (I'm sorry, Spanish people. I'm sure we've set aside our differences since then :D) since June 12, 1898. And now that I've somehow succeeded in making you read the first few lines of this post, I am begging you to educate yourselves (especially if you're Filipino) on  the beginnings of our humble state.

In the beginning...

If you weren't absent / talking to your seatmates during your history classes, you might remember that it was during the 1898 Treaty of Paris that the Spaniards ceded its colony to the USA. Of course, our people, being sick of other countries bossing them around, did not recognize the existence of the treaty. There was war and history tells us that the Americans stayed until 1946, when they granted us our much desired liberty.

The Filipinos celebrated this day--July 4, 1946 (the Americans have something for 4th of July's)--as Independence Day for many years until Pres. Diosdado Macapagal issued a proclamation that dawned the   declaration of the Philippine Independence's (not exactly) new date (which is June 12).

In truth, prior to this year, I didn't even know that an actual ceremony is being held at the Quirino Grandstand every year. There are tons of other traditions and rituals held too, but for a family that's too far away from the metro, we don't go out of our way to celebrate (Although we probably should)... that is, until last Wednesday. I used to just hang flags on our door and car, but this Independence day, I celebrated by donning a patriotic Red casual dress and blue flats and heading off to SM CDO's Independence Day ceremony. They put on a nice program, and invited local acts to perform (including Singing Ambassadors from the Tourism office, the CU Glee Club, and the Gintong Amihan dance troupe from MUST). Lovely Filipino eats were provided by Brew Berry Cafe.

Also, I just had to marvel at Vjandep and Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro's wonderful foodization of the Philippine Archipelago.

with the aforementioned archipelago, Ms. Kitty Tiukinhoy (SM Marketing Rep) in her lovely Filipiniana and Mr. Vic Madriaga, CDOBloggers Incumbent President (pic grabbed from his IG hehe)

A big thanks to SM City CDO for having us there! :D

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