Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Aftermath: Sophie Paris Soiree

Sophie Paris

I know I should blogged about Fashionable Saturday weeks ago, but hey, better late than never, right?

Saturday morning, I went to attend Sophie Paris' Fashion and Beauty Soiree (yes, in broad daylight, something I've never tried before). I was a little late because I couldn't go without lunch--COULDN'T! But I was excited to be with all the Sophie ladies from various parts of the country. It was great that despite being late, I managed to be just in time for the fashion show / a.k.a bag showcase.

Sophie Paris Handbags

Sophie Paris really has enough goods to boast! And I found my eyes attracted to a beauty that I'll probably be purchasing in a few weeks (granted that I get my check from my online employer soon). Anyway, we brought home amazing gifts from Sophie Paris: a handbag, a casual dress and perfume.

I also had a chance to meet the lovely Bb. Pilipinas 2nd Runner-up, Ms. Ali Forbes, who not only graced us with her presence, but also enchanted us with her singing. Also to note, Ms. Forbes won Ms. Sophie 2011. Just proves she's a Sophie girl through and through!

with Bb. Pilipinas 2nf Runner-Up, Ms. Ali Forbes

CdoBloggers with members of Sophie Paris' Marketing Staff.

Overall, I had a wonderful time with the ladies. Sure enough, I made the right decision of eating before I left home as it ended later than planned. If you're interested in becoming a Sophienista, check out Sophie Paris Business Centers near you.

(Photo credits to Gracia Fashionista)

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