Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Challenge Accepted!

Exams are over and I can now post of the importance of packing materials. I'm kidding! I'm kidding! This post is actually about my glutton escapades the previous week. Well, there was one escapade. But that doesn't mean it's over! Two weeks ago, I took the Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant's challenge against their Big Time Manhattan Cheeseburger.

I tried with ALL my might, but nothing could've prepared me for the 10" beefy meanie that is the Big Time Manhattan Cheeseburger. I mean, I would have been capable of consuming the whole thing if the time constraints didn't exist. But 2 minutes?! Oh yeah, I failed to mention it was a tag team challenge with five hungry beasts. I am thinking of re-entering the contest with another set of five hungry beasts but we're still debating whether to split the bill or look for a rich friend. Hm.

Also, I am eyeing Chub Diner's One Foot Burger with Quarter Pound Fries and Giant Milkshake as of the moment. I am currently nagging my BMF to pay the bill if I don't make the time (which has always been my problem) I MUST CHEW FASTER! But chances are, he won't because he's campaign manager for the Make Penda Lose 20kg Petition along with my mother, sisters, pastors and friends.

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  1. I've always wanted to challenge myself with these stuff. I often see pizza, burger and ice cream challenges. But with my appetite, I know I'd lose. Haha. That's why if I would try I have to make sure I have money to pay. Haha.

    So brave of you to challenge yourself!