Thursday, 22 August 2013

Toca Hair Salon

Hey, guys! What have you been up to? For me, I have been running around, busying myself with work, school, church and friends but not without leaving space for de-stressment. What do I do on my spare time aside from racing as Momma Minion in Minion Rush? I pretend to be a sought-after hairstylist, of course! It sounds so crazy but I think you'd love it if you'd give it a chance. Toca Hair Salon can be purchased at an affordable price at the iStore and Android Play Store.

Check out my genius (LOL, indulge me)


  1. You made a game? That's really cool!

  2. That's pretty impressive. I think these patrons' expressions add the finishing touches quite effectively. You have good senses. :)