Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Church Thanksgiving

Frankly, I've been running out of things to tell you, people of the world wide web. Not much is happening to me except probably school and I absolutely can't talk to you about school for fear of boring you to a rock of massive proportions (I don't even understand myself right now). This predicament forced me to bow down and inquire the Kaiser of Ingenious Topics (sarcasm), David (my BMF who's made literary appearances in my Teatime and Challenge posts). The topic he suggested, as you might have guessed, is the bold two-word clause at the beginning of this post, 'church thanksgiving' which I have been eager to write about since it happened.

Two weeks before D-day, we've started cleaning the sanctuary and everything that might have anything to do with it. Also, I've just about rummaged through my closet, looking for appropriate things to wear (I've prepared about 3 selections before ending up with an ensemble bought on the day itself). We've prepared for months as a lot of our temporarily and permanently relocated brothers and sisters in Christ were coming home to celebrate with us and we just really wanted to prepare for the day we remember how God's been so faithful in a grand way. Our church is turning 27! Another year of experiencing God's grace and faithfulness, I couldn't wait!

Bishop Larry Langston (or Tatay Larry) arrived from Florida earlier that week and preached that evening, a wonderful message from his book, Divine Strategies for Extraordinary Lives. I was so blessed and encouraged. I hadn't realized that merely believing isn't the same as actually seeing myself in the picture. It change a good portion of my view of God's promises and the reality of them. I overlooked the fact that God is still as hands on with this generation as He was during Moses'. My faith really increased and it's just so wonderful :)

My mom also has been praying for his backslidden friend to be able to join us and indeed God is good because He just opened up the opportunity for him. There were lots of new faces and some I haven't seen in a while. Brothers and sisters I've missed dearly. Political figures also attended to congratulate us on the 27, also publicly declaring their support on our goal to be a church that opens its arms to the community, bringing the church to them instead of forcing them to come to the church.

To all my brothers and sisters who worked hand-in-hand to make this event possible, thank you! Your labor is not in vain, God bless you! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us, I hope we brought home a special something from God. And of course, to the God we serve, the God we worship--You deserve it all, our Almghty King! We exalt You high because there's really no one like You, Jesus! (#shout2theLord!)