Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Emotionality of a Male

My best female friend Page has been away to study music for a year now. And since I’ve got the emotionality of a male*, I’m just starting to miss her.

*Quick intermission: The Emotionality Assumption
A. Women are more likely to miss people/ places/objects directly after loss/departure/separation of said people/places/objects while learning to let go eventually.
B. Men are more likely to miss people/places/objects later on, after realizing the impact of said people/places/objects.

Anyway, I miss her so much now, I remember watching La Corda (yes, the anime series) and fantasizing about playing a musical instrument. In that particular daydream, I was a budding cellist like the sleepyhead on that anime that I couldn’t remember. But of course, if you think that a clarinet’s better, please suit yourself! By the way, save on clarinet used at wwbw now! I’m starting to miss my violin just looking at all these classical instruments. Lol, and why am I going on about musical instruments when I started this blog post about missing Page, you ask?

Well, because she's studying classical music and it reminds me of her.

Shallow, it seems?

Well, then again, I've got the emotionality of a male. (Sorry to diss you, men! I'm secretly feminist! ha!)

I photoshopped my face into a dude's for emphasis LOL.
 Anyway, since we're already on the topic...
    + You insult your friends and vice versa. You don't get hurt because you know it's not true, and even if it were, you probably deserve to know the truth anyway, lol.
    + You'd rather sit down than go window-shopping. (what's this got to do with emotions? xD)
    + You're bad at comforting others (especially women)
    + You don't get mad if your friends ditch you alot (you just ditch them in return! haha!)
    + You don't realize you've hurt people with your big fat (kissable) mouth
    + You don't overthink

Well, maybe you can help me with the list. I know there are tons of other manly emotion in you. What makes a man emotionally different from a woman?

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