Friday, 24 January 2014

5 Days of Boredom

If you're from the Philippines, you might be one of the many who underwent a long weekend due to the tropical depression. Aside from sleeping, I did a lot of other things last weekend. Not.

Saturday. We stayed indoors most of the time and ate mangofloat to not be warm. Notice the slightly thinner hand? Yup, that's not me.

Sunday. I turn into a Russian Photographer for my sister. It was drizzling but it didn't stop us from taking her outfit shots. BTW, I'm neither Russian nor a Photographer.

Monday. I jogged around even though it was raining, I took Blake for runs too. Rain really made me want to go jog. Weird. Oh yeah, this picture is of the bird we nursed for a couple of hours. My sister found it a little outside our gate. Good thing my mom didn't run it over when she left for work. We spent about 2 hours together, it replaced Blake as my favorite pet (he got jealous). Sad how it died shortly after (T_T). But I knew from the start it wouldn't work out.

Tuesday. I stared at this carving by Granpa Hrovat for a long time. He whittled this in 1993 so yes, it's older than me. It's awesome though. I wish I could turn wood into this. 

Okay, fine. It was a very boring long weekend. I went to school on Wednesday even though it was still raining. I'm sorry for boring you with my boring weekend. I hope you guys at least had a good one.

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