Thursday, 6 February 2014


One sign that a sitcom is ending is when a long term conflict gets resolved, or in the case of Fox's How I Met Your Mother, a 9 year old question gets answered. The face of the mother has been appearing since the beginning of the ninth (and final) season but it's only in episode 16 (the sitcom's 200th episode) that we finally get to know about The Mother and her back story. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!

So if you've been following, you know that the gang, with the exception of Robin and Ted, has already met The Mother. Barney met her first at a convenience store, after which he first conceived the idea of The Robin (arriving to that decision by The Mother's prodding) Then, she and Lily shared cookies on the bus ride to Farhampton while Lily moaned about missing little Marvin. Marshall met her on his way to Farhampton Inn, when he hitched a ride in her bandmate's stolen van (stolen by her). Robin is yet to meet the mother but I guess gets to meet her before Ted does.

So anyway, in Episode 16 - How Your Mother Met Me - it's revealed how often Ted and her paths cross, who she really is and what she's been up to for the past few years. Yeah, anyway. Feelings?

My Feels

Honestly, I sometimes get annoyed that she's always right and she's the perfect person for Ted, so perfect that she loves collecting coins and all that crazy stuff Ted is into. I love and hate her, I guess. Probably because my favorite couple in the gang is Barney and Robin who fight alot and stuff. And maybe I'm still just warming up to her. GIVE ME TIME! We still haven't seen her and Ted together anyway.

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