Sunday, 2 March 2014

Covers and Cases For Books and Journals

Despite the widespread availability of digital technology, some people still prefer to use traditional methods of enjoying a good old fashioned reading experience. Instead of using electronic book readers, people want to actually hold a hardcover copy of their favorite title and flip through pages that have real printed text and graphics. I have ebooks but my favorites I have in traditional hard bound form as well. In order to protect these books, sometimes special cases are needed. After all, digital gadgets such as tablets are not the only items that need protection with stylish cases.

Traditional book cases are available in authentic leather material that has exposed stitching patterns for extra style. Zip locks are used to lock and unlock the leather cases that can store multiple copies of soft and hard cover books. Some book cases are available in unique designs that are made for children. For example, a colorful heart shaped case is perfect for girls in elementary school. Similarly, a basketball shaped cover is a great choice for boys in elementary school. The interior of book cases is upholstered with soft materials that protect the books from any damage that may include ripped or folded pages.

Leather journals are also popular traditional items that are used instead of modern tablets and computers. Such journals have old world designs that are inspired by the scholars of the middle ages that wrote with feather and ink under candle light or lanterns. Classic style journals are made of authentic Italian leather material that is of very high quality. Leather journals can also be customized by having personalized embossing of a person's name and any other relevant text. My friend, Jordan, actually had his name embossed in the leather of his Bible. I thought of doing that too, if only I manage to not lose my Bible long enough. Custom options may also include engravings that are inspired by old world designs. For example, golden and bronze engravings have an ancient appearance. The custom fonts may also have designs that are inspired by ancient civilizations. Journals are ideal for children and adults that want to keep diary or records of other important information.

Book binding supplies are designed for students and adults that want to enjoy a traditional experience when it comes to reading and writing. Therefore, such supplies are best available online because it seems that local stores are slowly phasing out traditional items that are used for school and the office. Jenni Bick Bookbinding is an example of an online shop that carries a large selection of leather cases for books and journals. When ordering book supplies in bulk, shoppers can always save money on shipping.

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