Saturday, 1 November 2014

6 Pop-Culture Inspired Group Costumes

Photo grabbed from Humans of New York
Not many things can make Halloween more fun than usual. That is, unless you get a bunch of friends together and head out trick-or-treating or partying togehter. If this sounds like a great time, then you should think about group halloween costumes you could all wear – this is a great way to add to the fun this halloween.

Here are some of my favourite group halloween costumes:

Game of Thrones
The buzz surrounding Game of Thrones is insane. You don’t need to read through stacks of books to jump on this bandwagon though, as the range of Game of Thrones costumes available on will make you look like you’re the real deal. Whether you head out as the Starks, the Lannisters or as Men of the Nights Watch you’re bound to be the best dressed group wherever you go.

Marvel’s revamp of their quintessential group of heroes is better than ever (and hotter!) Get the whole team together to make your very own Avenger’s Initiative. Flip a coin to see who has to go as Loki, it’s never as much fun when you’re the villain, but in these costumes it’ll be hard to have anything less than an incredible Halloween night.

Power Rangers
Kick it old school with the original crime fighting group. Bring a crew of six friends together and fight it out as to who gets to be which Power Ranger – my favourite is the blue Ranger! Move over Avengers, the Power Rangers are one of the coolest group halloween costumes this year.

Get in the middle of your very own evil robotic war in trying to choose whether you’ll be an Autobot or Decepticon this Halloween. With both sides having such cool character costumes it’ll be a tough call. If you can’t all decide on one side to root for split up and have a robot war of your own. What could possibly go wrong?

Walking Dead
Because who wouldn’t want to wake from a coma to an apocalyptic world full of flesh-eating zombies? Get covered in special FX makeup: the bloodier and gorier the better to be the perfect zombie. Or stay the good side and battle to stay alive – your choice!

Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles
It just makes sense to dress up as a group of humanistic turtles, named after Renaissance artists, and trained to be ninjas by a rat this Halloween. Why wouldn’t you, especially in the midst of their reboot! These costumes are awesome, and are made for both guys and girls – so you don’t have to leave anyone out of your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Halloween group costume.

Want some more inspiration for group halloween costumes? Check out Buzzfeed's: 25 Halloween Costumes to Wear As a Group.

Make this year’s Halloween particularly awesome by doing it with friends. Dressing in group costumes will be helpful at the very least when you lose your friends during the night and you need to know what they’re wearing to find them! Do you have any ideas for what a cool pop-culture theme would make for a great group costume? Let me know in the comments box!

Photos were Googled except the Transformers one which came from my family's trip to Singapore back in 2012.

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