Saturday, 29 November 2014

Jia Cha Cafe CDO

When people open up restaurants, they usually set their prices based on a demographs (and it's usually the income and spending capacity). Thus, the demolished partition between the affluent and the less affluent returns to life in the form of marketing clusters "Class A,B,C and D". What most people don't know is when you're a college student trying to live life under a laughable budget (being shredded by countless photocopies despite the fact you have books), you're most like to fall on a "Class F". Don't wallow just yet! I've found a place that not only honors your grumbling belly, but also feeds your aesthetic food needs (because looks matter, duh!)

Jia Cha Cafe, located on the ground floor of Divisoria Arcade, is a Food Tea Fusion. Translation: they sell both tea and food that will give gastronomes a run for their money. For only Php59, you can avail of a hefty meal (Rice Toppings) or share with some Wok and Dimsum specials. You've got to try their Hokkien Spare Ribs (Php85), I INSIST!

Yum, yum. Hokkien

This pork belly is steamed, if I remember correctly

Delicious Tapa Rice Toppings (Php59) paired with some good ol' fruit tea on the photo above. It's no secret that I'm a big milk tea addict (ahem) so I'm always, I mean ALWAYS, up for some tea time! I've consumed my large Hokkaido milk tea before realizing that I'm a blogger and should have taken a photo for my lovely readers, I beg your pardon. My friends say I have weird milktea tastes, meanwhile I think all the people who like wintermelon are insane. Anyway, if you drop by, do try some of their milktea, I've decided to look favorably to them because they've managed to make me reminisce about my favorite milk tea of all time (Bora Bora's Japanese Roasted with a sweetness level of 75% which I had in Kuala Lumpur).

The prices are fair for the servings I get. I'm actually impressed because the place is over the standard for the pricetag to deco ratio. It's a little cramped during peak hours (since the place is a tambayan for nearby students as well), but overall, you get satisfactory furnishing and a light, warm and relaxed ambiance. It saves me from the loud, bustling crowd over at McDonald's or the school cafeteria, There are a lot of Rice Toppings to choose from as well.

My order of Imperial Beef Rice (Php 65)

Pork Siomai Rice (Php 59)

Some Italian love too! Left: Pesto Pasta, Right: Spaghetti

Despite the low prices, they present the dishes very well, and the place is very warm and welcoming. They've got free wifi, books and other recreational stuff you can enjoy with your friends. I definitely recommend them to you, I swear you're getting your money's worth! Also, they're opening up a new branch real soon. Hopefully, I'll live another day to blog about it, so please, stay tuned!

Jia Cha CafĂ© is open Mondays-Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM and is located on the Ground Level of Divisoria Arcade, R.N. Abejuela St., Cagayan de Oro City

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