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Car Accidents: 6 Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle accidents can be highly traumatic and dangerous. For those who escape with slight bruises or without any injuries, the psychological trauma can haunt them for a long time.

For those who sustain injuries, the road to recovery can be long and arduous, not to mention expensive. Naturally, most accident victims often have questions particularly about what will happen in the future and how they will cope with their condition. In this article, we will look at those questions and provide the necessary answers.

What Should I Do Immediately After an Accident?

The first thing most people do is try and get to safety as well as try and free or help other victims. Once that is done, reach for your phone and dial 911. If there are passersby, chances are that they would have already done that.

Whatever the case, however, just make the call. The dispatcher will automatically notify the police as well as an ambulance to your location. As difficult as it might be, try not to panic as that can cause more harm than good.

If the accident isn’t severe –for instance, someone just bashed your bumper-, you can look at the damage, swap insurance information or get the person to pay for the damages if they have no insurance.

Must I see a Doctor?

This is absolutely necessary even when there are no obvious or physical injuries. This is an important step that you should take within 72 hours of having that accident. This is because sometimes, internal injuries and conditions like whiplash don’t manifest until later.

And by then, it is usually too late for treatment in the case of internal bleeding. In the case of whiplash or other muscular injuries, you’d already be in mild to excruciating pain depending on the severity.

More importantly, if you miss the 72-hour window, chances are that you may lose all or most of your compensation claims as the insurance company will say you were careless and probably wanted your health to get worse so you can claim a bigger compensation.

Who Will Pay My Medical Bills?

If you become hospitalized and need to pay for medical bills, you need to know if the at-fault party or your insurance company will foot the bills. Now, you can go about this by yourself, but odds are that you may not be able to do it yourself given your condition.

The solution, therefore, is to get a personal injury attorney to look into and file your compensation claims on your behalf. David Heil and many other lawyers will usually offer a free consultation. The good thing about this is insurance companies tend to respond faster to claims from a personal injury attorney than they would to personally filed compensation claims.

It also means that if they refuse to pay for whatever reason, you can have your lawyer file a lawsuit and ask for an even bigger compensation.

Any Risk Involved in Skipping a Physical?

Yes, there is. No matter how fine you feel after the accident, go see a doctor. If not for anything, for your own peace of mind at least. More importantly, insurance companies would want to know if you saw a doctor within 3 days of your accident. This will often play a role in the insurance adjuster’s compensation.

Who Will Pay for Damages?

If your vehicle was damaged and you or a loved one were injured in the process, it naturally lies on the at-fault party to pay up. But if they took off, your insurance company should pay for the damages. After all, it’s because of scenarios like this that you took out auto and medical insurance plans.

What Damages Can I Claim?

There are many damages that you can claim. These include loss of income, physical, emotional and psychological injuries, present and future costs of treatment, possible future lost wages resulting from the injuries, punitive damages, disfigurement, inconvenience and pain, property damage or loss, and worsening of pre-existing medical condition to mention a few.

About the author:

Oscar King is a freelance writer who has an interest in civil law and enjoys sharing his own thoughts and insights with his audience. If you would like to learn more about Oscar, you can check out his google+ profile.

So I hope you guys enjoyed the article! I had Mr. King talk about vehicular accidents because it's really significant to me right now. If you don't know me in RL, my mom just got in an accident 3 weeks ago. My mom was fine but the car was in pretty bad shape (thank God for insurance). A week after that, however, she was hospitalized because of persistent hypertension. It was very traumatic for her, good thing she didn't decide to quit entirely.

How about you? Have you or your loved one ever been involved in accident?  How did you deal with everything? Drop me a comment below!

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