Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Thinking About Throwing a Surprise Birthday Party? Read My Advice First!

The great thing about birthdays is that they come around at the same time each year. They can be easy to plan as long as you can remember the specific date. Are you someone that is good at remembering birthdays? It seems like you are someone that is or someone that isn’t; no in between. What has been your most memorable birthday to date? Has it been a surprise party that someone threw for you?

Sometimes it can be a little tricky to know what to do for your birthday, though, can’t it? Do you have a party or not? Who would you invite and what style of party would it be? Would you rather just have a relaxing time at home or go out for a meal? It can be nice not to have to think about it, though, wouldn’t it? Some occasions it would be nice for someone else to plan out your party for you. Who wouldn’t love to have a surprise birthday party? So think about those people in your life that you would love to throw a surprise party for. It could be for a special friend, your partner or a family member that is hitting a significant age. A surprise party can be such a treat for the right person. Knowing that someone has taken the time to plan a party out for them means so much. It would be a birthday to remember and mean so much to the birthday person.

But how can you effectively pull off a surprise party? Have you ever thrown a surprise party before? It can take a lot of organisation as you need someone to be available at a certain time, without them knowing what is going on. You will need to have some help from others to pull it all off. So make sure you know who there is to ask and who you think will help you. So read on to see how you can throw a fantastic surprise party for your guest of honor.

The first thing to do is to plan out the type of surprise party that you want them to have. Don’t get too caught up with practicality just yet. You will want to brainstorm and see what ideas would work best. When you are thinking of the type of party, you need to know that you are planning the party for someone else. It might not be exactly how you would want a party.

Think about the birthday boy or girl’s likes and dislikes. Is there something that they would just hate to have? Some people would love to have a disco party but some people would hate that. Even think of the likes and dislikes of their food and decor tastes. You don’t want to have bright neon lights and balloons for someone that prefers a shabby chic tea party style of decor. Think about their favorite foods and colors too. If your friend or family member is t-total, it might not be a good idea to throw a cocktail party, for example. It might be your idea of heaven but the party is all about them. You could think about their passions and hobbies too. Could you throw a football themed party if they are a massive fan? How about a popcorn bar and movie party if they are a bit of a movie buff?

The next step to think about is how much you have to spend. Will you be covering the cost of the party alone? Will any other family or friends be chipping in? When you know the budget for the party, you can put some of the plans into reality. If the budget is tight, then you might need to start rethinking some of the plans and choose cheaper alternatives. You don’t need to dismiss all of your ideas but just be a bit more flexible. Imagine if you wanted to have a stretch Hummer to pick up the guest of honor to take them to the party. You could still get them a fancy limousine, perhaps just a different type of limousine. Just shop around and check different companies and cost. You can view rates here for a limousine company to see what cost you are looking at.

Another way to spread the budget could be to ask the guests to all bring a dish of food or bottle to drink. This would depend on the type of party you have decided on, of course. If you don’t want it to be a potluck style party, you can always assign different foods or drinks to people. You want the party to be amazing and not just full of pasta salad! Just make sure that you make it all clear on the invites what people should bring.

When you are thinking of the timing of the party, it will need to work around the guest of honor’s schedule. So if they work different shifts, you need to find out when they might have the evening off. Weekends are probably the best option, as long as they are free on most weekends. It is a good idea to plan a few months in advance so a plan can be put into place to get the birthday person to the party, without them knowing. You might need more time to plan a surprise party as you will want to get in touch with all potential guests and explain it all to them. This all takes time.

When you have the date and time, you need to rope in someone else to help you get the birthday guest there. You could be the one to do it but it just means everything needs to be in place before you get them there. A spouse, partner or best friend is the best person to ask for their involvement. It needs to be someone they normally see often so that it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to them. If something unusual happens, it might arouse suspicion and ruin the surprise. If you are planning the party to be at the guest’s house, then you need to make sure that the guest is out of the house. You need your helper to make sure that they are out of the house and doing something fun with the birthday guest. If they take them to do something boring, or something completely out of the ordinary, they will want to go home early. They could get rather suspicious too.

The next thing to think about for on the day are things like guest parking. Will it arouse suspicion if they see a lot of cars parked outside their home or at a specific venue? This kind of things needs to be included on the invites to make sure that everyone knows to park somewhere different. If you are in a place where guests would be getting a train, look into the times to suggest the train that they should take. You don’t want the guests to be late for a surprise party. If they arrive after the birthday person’s arrival, it will just ruin the party.

Next, you need to think about the actual surprise moment. Will you turn off all lights and then jump out and surprise them? Will you turn on music and pop a champagne cork? Will you just carry on with the lights on and just have everyone shout surprise? This is the main thing that you need to think about as it is the piece de resistance.

So those are some of the main things that you should think about for the actual party. You need to check it will all go ahead, though. Is there a way to make some pretend plans with the birthday person? You want to get in with them before they start to make their own plans. That is another reason why planning a few months ahead is such a good idea. If the birthday person takes matters into their own hands, it can be hard to plan anything as a surprise! If they are adamant about doing their own birthday plans, then perhaps throw the party before or after their birthday. That will surprise them for sure as they will not be expecting anything a few days before or after their birthday.

You need to bear in mind that the surprise might not go according to plan. You need to prepare that someone might drop a few hints or go outright and tell the person. Don’t be too disheartened if it does happen. It will truly be the effort and thought that will count with your guest of honor. Planning a surprise party for someone is such a lovely idea and they know that it will have taken up a lot of your time to plan it all out.

Have you ever had success planning a surprise party? I’d love to hear any stories that you might have. Good luck if you decide to plan a party!

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