Monday, 27 June 2016

Three Little Known City Break Ideas

City breaks are an ideal destination for those who want to see plenty, but without investing too much time. You can enjoy a long weekend soaking up different culture and be back at your desk to continue life as normal. They're perfect escapism.

As the popularity of city breaks increases, a few destinations are becoming well known for being the target. Paris if you want to go sightseeing, soak up art and culture and even hit a few shops. It's New York that's the shopper's haven, with many iconic landmarks to make your pilgrimage too. If you prefer your city break a little warmer, Rome and Barcelona step into the sun, vying for your attention.

While these are the best known, it doesn't mean they offer the best experiences. There are a few little-known gems that are worth spending a few days in.

If you love... history: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Before it was the feature of an overly-sappy 90s movie with a bad soundtrack, the Titanic was a ship that was as tragic as it was majestic. Built in the Harland and Wolff shipyards of Belfast, the Titanic has gone down as a symbol of man vs. nature. Modern Belfast makes much of this connection, with the world-renowned Titanic museum.

There is also a more troubling history; that of the Northern Irish troubles. It's a recent history, but an important one, and specialist tours offer unique insight into the sectarian conflict.

You can stay in the beating heart of Belfast itself in one of the many B&Bs or luxury hotels. If you feel like roughing it a little, then travel to the nearby countryside and camp. It’s considered so beautiful, Game of Thrones chose it as a location setting for the Riverlands.

If you love... urban life and culture: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Shot taken about 3 years ago.
The Petronas Towers are a symbol of Kuala Lumpur as a modern, fast-paced world that is unafraid of innovation. This vibrant city is full of shopping hotspots that put New York to shame, offering a chance to soak up the culture and put a dent in the credit card. If you want to add a little culture, then visitors are welcome at the National Mosque, known locally as Masjid Negara. You can relax from a long day of sightseeing at a nice & comfortable hotel in Kuala Lumpur, all the while basking in the radiant heat of the city.

If you love... beautiful landscapes: Ljubljana, Slovenia

No one knows much about Slovenia; it's one of those little European countries that you get confused with others. It's a real shame, as some of the scenery on show is among the most majestic in the world. Day trips from Ljubljana can take you to picturesque regions such as the Julian Alps. You can relax in nature with the glacial lakes also. The capital itself has plenty to see and do, from fine dining to outdoor street fairs.

You will find some classy and high-end accommodation options in the capital city. However, some of the real beauty is best found in the smaller family-run areas. These offer a true taste of the Slovenian lifestyle, with authentic menus and a quaint charm all of their own.

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