Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Best Tips For Stretching Your Travel Budget

Travel can be expensive, and many people save hard before they go away. But if you use your money wisely while you are travelling, it will go further, and you can see and do much more. See how to stretch your travel budget below and get the most out of your money.

The 'I don't even know what time it is, why did we do this to ourselves?!' look
Fly at crazy times
One of the best ways to save money when you are travelling; is to go for the flights that leave in the early morning. These are seen as inconvenient and so many people avoid them. This is good because the seats will be cheap as the airlines are trying to fill them. Yes, it may mean you have to kill some time in the airport before you fly, but there is always plenty to do, and the savings are worth it.

Take the flights with layovers
Another way to save on flights is to pick the routes that have the most layovers and stops. This can increase your flight time, but the savings can be immense. Remember you usually get fed and watered on the plane; you can sleep or watch movies, so there is plenty to keep you entertained. Then you can use all the money that you have saved getting there, on doing cool stuff when you reach your destination.

Budget hotels
It's vital to explore budget hotels that are on offer, in the place that you are travelling to. There are often bed and breakfast or hostel options that are dirt cheap. These provide a perfect place to bed down for the night while exploring your surroundings. To save the most money go for a shared dorm in a hostel. You will be sharing a room, usually with bunk beds and toilet and shower facilities. If you can't quite bring yourself to do this, you can get private rooms. But be aware these will set you back at least double, sometimes as much as four times the cost of shared accommodation.

Eat and save
Experiencing the food culture of the places that you are travelling to is a crucial part of your trip. Do a bit of research before you get to you destination. Work out if there are any particular dishes that you want to try out and where the best place to get them from is. Another good tip is to eat like the locals do. They will know the best places to get authentic food at a realistic price. So make sure you ask for recommendations from your friends or accommodation hosts.

Look for offers on activities
Of course, there's probably lots of trips and activities that you want to do in the place that you are visiting. Sometimes you can get some splendid deals by booking these before you travel. Speak to your travel agent or compare prices of trips online to get the best bargain. You also get the added advantage that you will be super organised, and you can plan the rest of your stay around your booked activities.

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