Sunday, 31 July 2016

Easy Ways To Manage Your Money On Holiday

Managing your money on holiday can be tricky. If you're like me, the experience is at the forefront of travel and you don't think about how much you spend. Because of this, it's important to keep track of your finances on holiday. It may be boring, but it's a necessary evil.

From years of traveling experience, I've taught myself how to look after my finances. Here's some things I've learned.

Consider The Costs of the Country

It almost goes without saying that you should keep the exchange rate of your destination in mind. But exchanging the right amount of money shouldn't be your only concern. You should also think of how much you'll be spending.

This doesn't just entail your accommodation. Also consider the costs of your food and activities. The prices where you're staying might differ from those back home. You can always check this online.
Some places might have cheap food but expensive accommodation. Others might have cheap places to stay but huge shopping costs. Be sure to do your research.
Stick to a Budget

Now you have the costs in mind, think about how much you really need to spend daily to enjoy yourself. On holiday, it's tempting to go all out. But don't eat, buy and do everything. Saving money one day gives you more to enjoy the next!

While budgeting can feel limiting, there are a great deal of ways to stretch your travel budget. This can keep your wallet healthy.

Don't Carry Too Much Money
One of the easiest ways to blow too much money is by carrying it in the first place. Limit the amount of money you carry. This can stop you from making any crazy impulse buys. It will also save you more for the rest of your travel.
This doesn't mean you have to keep everything in the bank. You can keep some cash locked away at your accommodation while carrying your daily budget in a secure travel wallet. This way, all your money is safe. Plus, you won't have to worry about spending too much. Or losing it!
Find The Cheapest Deals
Saving more money means you can have more fun. This may mean you'll need to travel on the cheap.

Taking a budget flight can cut one of the biggest costs of travel. You won't be able to travel in style. Still, saving all that money for spending is the real treat!

You might also want to consider a cutback on your accommodation. Instead of a luxury hotel, staying in a hostel can save you a lot of money. It may be less lavish, but it saves you money. And that money will help you do more outside the accommodation!
While keeping track of money while traveling can be stressful, always remember not to think about it too much. These tips can help you enjoy yourself, whether you're backpacking or having a sunny beach break. So follow them, and be sure to keep your holiday spending fund healthy!

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