Thursday, 21 July 2016

Picking The Right Accommodation For Your Australian Trip

Getting the right accommodation can make or break your trip. You want to have the best experience possible while being comfortable and staying in budget. To help you here is a guide to the type of accommodation that is available to your in your trip to Oz.

If you like the idea of camping but are not too keen on sleeping on the floor or being with all your mod cons, then glamping in Australia is for you. You get the experience of the great outdoors, with an edge of luxury. You can expect top end experience like sitting in a bath under a starry sky or swim in a pool at Bungle Bungle Bush Camp with glamping.

If your budget or your needs are a bit more basic then why not go for a camping swag or bed roll. But remember, whichever type of campaign you choose, make sure that you don't make these ridiculous campaigning mistakes.

Ranch Stays
If you fancy something a bit more rough and ready, why not stay as a visitor at one of the many ranches in the Kimberley. Learn about the Northern Territories where cattle trade has flourished despite the harsh environment and view the stunning wilderness and scenery.

Of course, most people think of hostels when they consider their accommodation option in Australia. They are a great budget option, and you can make some lifelong friends there, as it's very much an all in together mentality. The problem is that is you are looking for some privacy; it's a bit thin on the ground. Occasionally you can get a private room, but this is a lot more expensive than staying in the dorm rooms. They are quite limited as well, so make sure you call ahead and don't just assume they will have one available for you.

There are some fabulous hotels to stay in in Australia's, especially in the bigger cities like Perth and Sydney. Try the stylish, and interestingly named Ovolo Woolloomooloo on the waterfront or the Marriott at the Quay for fantastic views over the harbor.

Private Rentals
If you prefer more of a home away from home experience, then why not rent a private apartment from companies such as AirBnB. This allows you to explore your surroundings or relax at your leisure while catering for yourself. Renting accommodation in the way works well if you have kids that need space to spread out and play.

Another popular option when visiting Australia is to hire a camper and make a road trip. This is a great way of making sure that you have accommodation no matter where you are in the country. Its works particularly well if there is small group or couple that have some to visit together. Then they can stay together and share the driving. Makes sure you thoroughly research all your stop off destinations before you arrive, as you don't want to miss anything along your route.

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