Friday, 26 August 2016

Streamlined Technology Can Simplify Your Life And Save Space

Over the years the issue of space in the home has become a hot topic. Realtors openly consider it one of the most important aspects of a house they are looking to sell. Part of the reason that this has happened is due to homes becoming smaller. If you don't live out in the country in a detached home, the builder probably sought to put as much as possible in as small a space as they could.

Part of it is also because we as a species seem to accumulate more stuff as time goes on. We've always been somewhat prone to hoarding, of course. But in recent years the explosion of gadgets and appliances has got to such a stage that it feels like homes are taken over by cables and black boxes. Being in the average living room can feel like being on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.
In case you're worrying that this is another article from someone bemoaning the rise of technology, it's not. The tech in our homes makes things easier and more entertaining. It is, however, taking up a lot of space. And with space much in demand, we need some solutions.
In The Kitchen: Combi Appliances FTW.
A big kitchen can sell a property almost on its own. Given how cramped and claustrophobic the room can get when it's hot, space is prized. And any dedicated cook will like to have as many appliances and utensils as possible. The problem is, they take up so much space. Combining the appliances as far as possible - yes, the toaster-microwave is a thing - can bring down this space demand.
In The Living Room - Strip Down Your Entertainment Options
If you're a collector or completist, then you can maybe get a pass if you've got a VHS and a  storage because the players and the tapes or discs take up room they don't need to.
Digital apps like ShowBox allow you to stream films and shows you love, and many of your DVD and video favorites can be bought digitally. With a smart TV and a wireless device, you can get rid of the DVDs but still watch the classics.
For Housework - Smaller Appliances Work Better
There is a certain irony in the idea that an appliance built to help keep things tidy can end up making the place look messy. But if you have a large vacuum cleaner, then storage can be a headache. Smaller slimline appliances for household chores can be stored more easily.
They also don't require Formula One-level handling skills to get through a small apartment. That's a win-win situation. In fact, with a robotic vacuum cleaner, you can save the space and the effort by letting it do all the work. Bonus: It's tiny, compared to upright cleaners.
The technology in our lives is making a difference, and it's broadly a positive one. Make your tech smarter and more streamlined, and you'll see instant benefits.

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