Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Long Term Travel Essentials You Need To Know

Most of us take an annual holiday or two. Some of us take a few opportunities to travel. But only the hardcore traveller would give up a year of their life to walk as much of the globe as they possibly can. Gap years offer students the chance to experience whatever they want. It can be done on a budget, or you may have saved up enough to enjoy a little luxury along the way. Money is, of course, one of the essentials of long-term travel But there are many more you need to know about before you depart.

Illnesses happen. But when it happens in a remote area of a foreign country it can be incredibly frightening. Make sure you have read all the health advice for each of the regions you are travelling through. It is essential that you have all the jabs you will need. These can prevent the most dangerous of diseases that are prevalent in other parts of the world. When it comes to your own medication, your doctor may need some paperwork completed before she will prescribe a year’s worth of meds.

Accommodation can end up becoming a luxury for the long term traveller. Backpacking your way from country to country is a lot of fun. But after a few months, you may become quite keen for a comfy bed and a hot shower. Try to plan your travel as much as possible. This will give you the opportunity to take time out every so often and enjoy the comforts. Living like a local can be a good idea too, offering that all important life experience you’re looking for.

Many first-time backpackers make the mistake of packing too much. All you really need is one mobile device. Cloud storage is handy for everything else. And you’re not likely to need the entire contents of your wardrobe or your bathroom cabinet. Pack light and use lightweight luggage like packing cubes to help you reduce the load even more. It might be a good idea to pack a reusable water bottle and some plasters for blisters and cuts. A full first aid kit is rarely used.

When you’re away from home for a long time, you should let your bank know. Use a top-up or prepay credit card. This prevents your bank account being emptied should the card be cloned or stolen. You’ll only use the value you put on it. As it can be topped up online, you can simply add a little more each night or at the end of each week.

Perhaps one of the most essential things you’ll need when you’re travelling is a can-do attitude. There will be times when you need to rough it a little. And there will be times when you need to take on a job to make ends meet. Most travellers have an open return ticket should you choose to come back early. And if things happen beyond your control, it’s worth knowing in advance where your closest embassy is. Take care, and love your travel.

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