Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Cheap Places to Visit in Europe

Travelling to Europe has to be that one thing on everyone’s bucket list. Unfortunately, Europe is home to the world’s most expensive cities such as Paris and Rome, which deters many people from travelling around the beloved continent. However, not all cities in Europe have to break your bank.

1. Berlin
This German capital is one of the most exciting European destinations thanks to the edgy galleries, extravagant movie theatres, historical attractions, museums and contemporary arts. The city is wild and full of dance clubs and the subway system makes going from one place to the other really cheap. If you would like to compare hotel prices in Berlin visit a hotel comparison site.

2. Budapest
If you want to experience more than one culture all at the same place, Budapest is where you want to go. The Hungarian city boasts Old Stone Age culture and architectural sites such as the Castle Hill and Fisherman’s Bastion.

Budapest is a very vibrant and versatile city where you can experience the best cuisine from every country at a very affordable cost because their restaurant scene is very competitive. 

3. Prague
The Czech Republic has seen many trials and tribulations and not only overcome them but also became one of the most attractive European destinations. Prague is still a new place which tourists all over are discovering as the charm and fairy tale scenery is irresistible.

4. Lisbon
Anyone who likes a laid back place that has held tradition and culture will really enjoy Lisbon. The town is not as famous as many European cities so its hotel, transport and restaurant prices are still very low.

Lisbon boasts the oldest buildings in the world, Castle Peeks and of course the Seven Hills, all of which offer great views of the skyline. 

5. Istanbul
Complication and diversity are two words mostly used to define Istanbul as it lies between Europe and Asia. The city has prestigious monuments thanks to the ottoman and Byzantite reigns but it’s also a very modern place with out-of-this-world towers, sky scrapers and shopping malls.

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