Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Apps That Will Keep You Sane During ANY Layover

Flying - at once it can be both amazing and agonizing. Plenty of us lose our fear of being in the air once we get up there a few times. Some others don't. There is a lot to be scared about when you're up in the air, isn't there? You just feel so isolated. 

Want to know one thing that is more agonizing, though. It is closely related to flying! It is the layover. Once the chorus of groans dies down, I'll continue. What's a layover? Lucky you if you're asking that question. Wikipedia, the bank of all knowledge, defines a layover as the period of rest in between travels. It is the type of thing that happens when you fly from Tokyo to Auckland, but change planes at somewhere like Phuket, Melbourne or Singapore on the way. It is a stop. Sometimes, planes do it to refuel, on other times it happens because your journey is cut up into tiny pieces.

 Layovers can be boring things - especially when you're stuck at a terrible terminal with barely anything to do. Thanks to technology, we can make them a lot more entertaining. If you've got a smartphone or a tablet to hand - you can make your layover breeze by and keep your sanity. 

Sanity, that's the first thing we will focus on. Layovers can be stressful - that's where Headspace comes in. Meditation is awesome and allows us not to only to focus, but to calm down. Headspace is an app that you can access that teaches meditation routines. 

Sometimes, stowing away in your own head can be a bit boring - though. We need action and streaming apps like Netflix can help. Netflix changes its content depending on where in the world it is being accessed from - sites like can put an end to that, though. Who wants to be stuck watching Australian TV if they don't like it? 

Music is key as well. Streaming films blows our batteries to bits. Music is a little less intensive and allows us to relax. There are plenty of ways to stream music in the modern day, and of course, our phone marketplaces allow us to buy it. Podcasts are also cool and apps like Apple Podcasts and Podcast Addict can eat away the time spent dawdling during a layover. 

If your layover is long enough for you to get out and about - you’ve got a lot of options. It can still be stressful, as time is of the essence, you’ll need to get back to the airport speedily. That’s where Uber comes in. Check Uber and Lyft apps when you arrive to your airport to see if they operate in the local area. It is a cheap effective way to get out and about while making sure you get back in time. 

Layovers? They are a real pain, but the only equipment that you need to defeat them is located right in your pocket. Get your phone out, grab some good apps and stay sane during your next layover.

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