Friday, 19 May 2017

Assumptions That Will Make A Moose Of You During Your Trip To Canada

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Assumptions rarely work out. Especially for travellers. But there are still plenty of people making them so there still have to be plenty of posts about getting them out of your head. Canada is one that suffers a lot from different assumptions that won’t only lead to cultural snafus but can even end your holiday before it begins. Here are a few assumptions you’re going to want to avoid:

You can just go
This is the most important thing to realise about Canada. Its borders are actually pretty strict. For one, they limit a whole bunch of things you can bring, from animal products to radar detectors. But there’s a process that a lot of visitors need to go through, as you can find if you visit the Canada eta site. Not everyone is eligible for a visit and making an error when filing your application can ruin your chances of getting in before the holiday even starts. When you are travelling, make sure you keep proof of your eligibility with you, as well.

Everyone is the same
If you want to make any Canadian friends, then you’re going to avoid the stereotypes. It’s a big country and that means it’s also diverse. Different provinces have entirely different styles. For one, not everyone speaks French. Not even everyone in Quebec, the heart of French culture in Canada, speaks it. Similarly, not everyone is as left-leaning as you might imagine. Come in with an open mind and don’t expect every Canadian to know that one friend of yours from Toronto.

It’s cold everywhere, always
Yes, Canada sees some pretty brutal weather in the winter compared to most places in the world. While you should pack some warmer clothes just in case, there are a lot of places with weather that is comparatively mild, especially around the southern coasts of the country. Victoria, for instance, regularly sees the lowest yield of snow in the country throughout the year. If you do visit in Winter, however, make sure that you keep frequent checks on the upcoming weather and road conditions. If you’re caught off-guard by it, it can leave you stranded.

It's all in the cities
Canada is also known for being rather sparsely populated, with a lot of wild, wild land in between a few beacons of civilization. The cities are fantastic, but if you stick to them, you’re missing some gorgeous bucket-list worthy spots. For instance, just a trip away from Montreal is Mont Tremblant, a Swiss-style mountain resort, and a gorgeous national park. There’s also Sainte-Agathe-de-Monts, a charming little town surrounded by beautiful lakes, woods, and mountains. It should be a crime to visit a Canada without getting a taste of real Canadian country, but there still many people who just stick to the cities.

Hopefully, most of the above already sounds like common sense to you. If not, then it should make you act a little more sensibly when you visit. If you do that, you’ll rarely find a country of people quite as sweet and welcoming.

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