Sunday, 7 May 2017

Common Travel Disasters and What To Do About Them

When you go away on a trip, you hope that it will all be smooth sailing (so to speak) but there are obviously no guarantees. Many people assume that they won’t get into any difficult situations, so they are not prepared for any that may arise. Before you go on any kind of trip abroad, it is worth thinking about a few of the most common travel disasters and what you would do in each situation. Here is a short guide to give you a helping hand.

Lost Luggage
The best way to avoid lost luggage is to simply not check a bag in the first place. Pack as lightly as possible and you may be able to fit what you need in hand luggage. If not, at least carry all your important documents with you on the plane and anything of value that you don’t want to lose. Also, it is worth packing at least one change of clothes. If the airline does happen to lose your bag, remain calm and make sure to file a claim as soon as possible. You will then have to go through the process of trying to recoup your fees.

Missing a Flight
Sometimes, missing a flight is unavoidable, but all you can do is give yourself the very best chance of catching it. If you are due to set off very early, make sure to set a backup alarm. If you have booked a flight and need to transfer in the middle, give yourself a long enough layover. You are better off giving yourself more time to chill out at the airport. If you do happen to miss a flight, you may well get charged a fee to book onto a new one, but if you remain calm and polite, you are more likely to get them to waive it.

Being Robbed or Pickpocketed
Although money belts may be annoying, they are your best bet for avoiding pickpockets. Make copies of your passport and credit cards in case your original copies get stolen. Try to avoid carrying all your valuable around with you and have a backup stash of money should the worst happen. Never put down a bag where it is not in plain sight. Before you go on your trip, it is worth getting travel insurance quotes to protect your valuables. If you do happen to get anything stolen, you will need to go to the local police station to get a crime number.

Losing Your Passport
Some people prefer to carry their passport with them at all times, while others are more comfortable leaving it in their room - it really comes down to personal preference as it is never 100 percent secure either way. However, if you have a hotel room with a safe, this is probably the best option. We have already talked about making a copy, but this can be very helpful if it does happen to get stolen. You will need to report it to the nearest embassy, and then go through steps to get a replacement.

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