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Four Most Beautiful Places To Explore In France

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France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with arguably the most bohemian culture. The french have their own take on everything, from art, food, cinema, and beautiful tourist hotspots. Out of all of the EU countries, you could visit, no one would blame you for prioritizing this one. But where should you journey to first, and how should you plan it?

If you are traveling to France in the future, be sure to inform yourself of the upcoming European travel information & authorisation system legislation that, depending on your country, will require you to complete an application form to be granted safe access.

The first entry on our list is an obvious one. The capital of France is a wonder to behold, both for its architectural beauty and dedication to preserving all that is beautiful about the French culture. If you’re looking for the best food in the world, it can be found here. Also home to The Louvre museum and The Eiffel Tower, you can spend an entire month in France and not even scratch the surface.

Loire Valley
Also referred to as “The Garden of France,” The Loire Valley is a 300km valley that includes a stretch of the Loire River. It’s considered a world heritage site thanks to its incredible variety of historically significant architecture, with both chateaus and mansions. It also features some of the most beautiful environments to be found in France, and anyone with a penchant for aesthetic beauty can get lost in its wonder.

The historically significant region of Normandy is not only important because of the D-Day assault, although that is absolutely worth paying a visit to. It’s also home to a beautiful food culture, with gorgeous restaurants in quaint buildings aplenty. The Bayeux tapestry is also to be found here, alongside the famous monument the Mon Saint-Michel. If you have a liking for historically significant architecture and world-defining history then Normandy is the place to be.

Famously the location for the Alexandre Dumas’ epic novel “The Count of Monte Cristo,’ Marseille is a beautiful sight to behold. Situated in the south of France, Marseille has long been a standing ovation to varied architecture and interesting locals. Despite in recent years gaining a negative reputation for crime, that’s largely unfounded, and you’ll find some of the most fascinating people and small business you can find in the whole of France here. There’s a Mediterranean tint to Marseille, and it shows in the local cuisine. It’s not as pretty as Paris, but if you’re looking for the rustic city-going experience, Marseille is where you need to be.

France, like most other countries, is what you make of it. Greet the locals jovially, be genuinely interested in their way of doing things and act as a respectful and unintrusive tourist. You’ll be sure to be welcomed in all of the destinations listed above with open arms.

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