Friday, 12 May 2017

Organising A Roadtrip Abroad On A Budget

A roadtrip abroad can be expensive. Running costs, everchanging accommodation and foreign driving permit costs can all add up. That said you don’t have to be loaded to afford a roadtrip. Here’s how you can spend smart and make your driving adventure fantasies a reality.

Getting your documents together
When preparing for a roadtrip in a foreign country, it’s always useful to take all your documents along with you (driver’s license, insurance documents ect.). You may also need to shell out on new documents in order to legally drive in some countries. An international driving permit should permit you on the road in most countries across the globe – it’s all you need for a North American, European or African roadtrip. Some countries such as China are a lot stricter and may require you to take one of their tests.

You should also be aware of vignettes. These are a popular driving permit in many Eastern European countries such as Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic that allow you to use highways. You can avoid paying for a vignette and not use highways, however this could slow down your journey or make it more tricky to navigate.

Choosing your vehicle
If you don’t have to cross any oceans, you can bring your own vehicle on a roadtrip. Just be aware if you’re driving abroad that your car insurance may not be applicable abroad (some schemes are), so try not to get in an accident!

A hire car can often be a more sensible option when driving abroad. There are lots of cheap rental car deals out there if you shop around – just be sure that you always read up on the conditions so that your insurance is valid. You can also hire minivans for bigger parties of people.

Dodging high fuel and toll costs
Be careful of getting ripped off by toll roads and gas stations. There are apps out there that can help you to avoid toll roads, as well as apps that can compare prices of nearby fuel stations such as Gasbuddy. These can be a lifesaver when you’re on the road and down to your last dollars.

Parking Up
Parking in most major cities around the world can be extortionate. You can save money by parking up on the city outskirts and then taking public transport to the centre. A useful trick is to look out for Supermarket car parks and backstreets where parking can often be free.

Finding accommodation
Unless you’re in a camper van or carrying a caravan, you may not want to sleep in your car every night. Depending on the climate, your car is likely to get incredible cold or incredibly warm at night – save it only for emergencies unless you’re particularly hardened. Hostels and motels are where you’ll find the best deals. Try to get off the highways and find accommodation a little off the beaten track where hotel owners may be more desperate and willing to lower their prices. Having a tent with you is also a handy backup – campsites all around the world are very cheap and easy to find.

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