Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Saving Your Cents In Sydney

Australia’s iconic city is visited for many reasons – being cheap is not one of them. That said, you can still travel to Sydney without being rich. Here are just a few moneysaving methods for those travelling to the city on a budget.

Use public transport deals
Sydney is very big – too big to walk around. There are all kinds of public transport option available including boats, buses and trains. The Opal Card is a great option for saving costs on rail travel offering a discount to those that use it regularly. A better option for families is a MyMulti pass, giving you unlimited access to all public transport in the city centre. You also have the option of travelling to the Blue Mountains at the weekend by using this pass.

Eat street food
Don’t expect to go fine dining every night in Sydney. Whilst there are some incredible upmarket restaurants in the city, those wanting to save their money are better off sticking to street food and budget eateries. There are some great fish and chips stops throughout the city. Meanwhile, for those craving some noodles, you’ll find plenty a Thai restaurant in Rouse Hill. The city’s markets are also great for food, sporting cuisines from all around the world.

Drink in backpacker bars
Alcohol costs a small fortune in Sydney. Go to a popular bar and you could be spending over ten dollars for a beer. Backpacker bars can often offer a cheaper rate, sometimes within the region of four to seven dollars. You may also be able to get cheaper drinks from a supermarket – look out for restaurants that allow you to BYOB.

Make use of free attractions
Some of the best attractions in Sydney are free. It costs nothing to go over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to see the beaches or to visit the markets. On top of this, there are many free museums and galleries such as The Art Gallery of New South Wales, The Mint, The Rocks Discovery Museum and the The Museum of Contemporary Art. Also, if you’re not interested in seeing a show at the Sydney Opera House, it costs nothing to get up close and personal. Make sure to also look out for any free local festivals that may be on during your stay.

Do free walk tours
I’m Free Walking Tours are a popular past-time amongst tourists and can be found in The Rocks and in the city centre. With these free tours you get a guide who can tell you all about the local history and culture. These can be exciting opportunities to meet new people, whilst learning more than you might otherwise do going solo. Sydney Greeters tours are another option, connecting you with locals that can help show you around their neighbourhood. Make sure to book ahead for these tours.

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