Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Travel For The Internet Addled Generation

The online world is changing just about everything, including how we travel. There are those who just can’t imagine being separated from the internet for the whole trip. After all, there are plenty of long plane trips, bus rides, and quiet nights on holiday. How do you make sure that you’re not biting your fingernails just waiting to get back to the net?

Stay Connected
If you live in a well-populated, developed country, it’s easy to imagine internet being accessible everywhere because it usually is. When you travel the world, that’s not always the case. It’s not just an inconvenience. If you’ve loaded your device up with apps that can help, then you could be missing valuable travel info such as directions and travel guides as well. To that end, every net-savvy traveler should visit sites like World Sim to see if there are compatible hotspots that can keep you connected just about anywhere in the world.

The dreaded-single bar
One of the most common mistakes made on holiday is forgetting to consider the availability of power for your devices. For one, make sure you’re using adapters that adapt your charges to power outlets in whatever country you’re visiting. There are big differences between the US and the EU, for one. But if you don’t imagine you’ll be spending a lot of time in your hotel room, then consider portable chargers that can keep your devices fresh for the duration of the trip.

Where’s all my stuff gone?
Travel can be boring. If you’re in transit or you’re whiling the night away, you might want to bring all your movies, music and eBooks with you. However, more and more of these products are being streamed rather than downloaded. When you’re in another country, the same content you could access back home might not be available where you’re currently at. For instance, Securethoughts takes a look at Apple TV and just how the service changes from country to country. Virtual private networks, however, can help you bypass the geographical limiters built in these apps so you can keep streaming whatever movies, TV, and music you had back home.

Put it away
Your digital devices are a great way to deal with boredom when you need to. However, the truth is that they can become a bit of a problem when you’re abroad, keeping you from actually enjoying the experience of the country you’re in. Commit to yourself to put the smartphone or tablet away once in awhile and try to enjoy the trip without worrying about whether you’ll be able to upload your photos to Facebook or whether you have the streamed music ready to go. Be more open to the physical world.

As more and more people prefer to spend at least some time during their vacation on the web, the solutions keep coming as well. Hopefully, the tips above make it easy for you to get your fix, but to not spend the holiday worrying about the next time you’ll get on the net, either.

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