Thursday, 19 April 2018

Costa Rica: The Perfect Paradise For A Summer Vacation


According to one survey, this beautiful Central American country is the happiest place to live on the planet. And no wonder, as Costa Rica will take your breath away. With its golden beaches, lush rainforests, and majestic volcanoes, this is one place you won’t want to leave. We are talking about a summer vacation in this article, but we wouldn’t blame you if you joined the happy few and took up residence in this incredible island paradise.

If we haven’t tempted you in our introduction, we encourage you to book a stay at one of the country’s best hotels, the Courtyard San Jose Airport Alajuela, because these are some of the reasons why Costa Rica should be high on your agenda when planning your next summer vacation.

If you’re looking for a beach break, then you’re in the right place. Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, whether you soak up the sun on the palm tree-lined white beaches on the Pacific side or the laid-back vibes of the Rastafarian culture on the Caribbean side. You can do both, of course, as they are only a few hours apart from each other. Sun, sea, and coconuts await the lucky traveller.

Animal lovers unite! By traversing the rainforests, you will come across a wide variety of exotic birds, monkeys, and tree frogs. There are more dangerous animals, of course, from wildcats to snakes, but tour guides will lead you safely on. If you are still rooted on the beach and catching the sun, there are a vast array of sea turtles, reptiles and glass frogs to feast your eyes on, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch the sight of a humpback whale leaping from the ocean.

Feeling peckish? Your taste buds will surely be tempted by the foods on offer. Whether you pick your own fruit in the rainforests or buy from one of the island fruit stands, you can choose from a vast array of crops you have probably never heard of. Guanabana anybody? Absolutely delicious, but aside from tropical and exotic fruits, you should also savour the cultural foods that are guaranteed to drive you wild with hunger.

It may not be what Johnny Cash had in mind when he sang his hit song, but the ‘Ring of Fire’ is just what the title implies, a hotbed of volcanic and non-volcanic volcanoes that surround Costa Rica. Again, care is needed (you don’t want to be near one when it blows), but a tour guide will help you scale these rocky heights, and will advise you on the best path to travel. Check out the hot springs too, created by the volcanos heat; these are a perfect place for you to soak and reconnect with nature.

While there are plenty of opportunities to relax, there is also something for the thrillseekers among you. Snorkel in the ocean, zip wire over the canyons, and considering Costa Rica is known as the ‘white water capital of the world,’ you can take to the rivers by boat and traverse the rough and raging waters. Don’t worry, if rafting isn’t your thing; there are calmer areas where you can go for a paddle - just be mindful of the nipping crabs!

Have we convinced you yet? Costa Rica has something for everybody, so if you are still thinking about where to go this summer, you may have just found the inspiration you were looking for.

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