Is a personal blog committed to inspiring others, pushing people to go for it, making the blog world conducive for the peace-loving netizens of this virtual planet. Okay, fine, it's not. But what if it was? (It would be splendid!) In reality, ohpenda.com is a teenager's outlet for new discoveries, her only chance to say that she's a writer too (having failed to write the young adult novels she's always dreamed of countless of times), her dreams, the things she finds on TV, her family, her beliefs (God, culture, society) and obviously, lots of stories that nobody really can relates to (files 70% of this blog). Despite that, the blog still wishes it's worth even a nick of your time.



Penda Penn

Hey guys, I hope you don't actually believe my real name's Penda Penn, because who in their right mind would call their children Penda? Anyway, I am a highly opinionated, principled yet open minded teenager with a tablet looking for some self-gratifying way to express herself. My blogging credentials are nonexistent but I do have some background in writing in general. I used to write for our school paper during my primary school days (was Associate Editor) and pushed myself to continue that during my high school days (which lead me to become the most coveted, not to mention bossy, Editor In Chief of our school paper in my senior year). I love JESUS CHRIST, my savior and best friend, with all my heart and life. I am big on reading. Used to do newspapers but now mostly Young Adult Fiction (which somehow explains the thick sardonic teen thing going on in my writing style). If you have a good YA in mind, be sure to tweet me about it or visit my Goodreads page. I tolerate politics (hey, that's a miracle for teenagers like myself) and am able to talk about it if you want, moral issues, make up, food as well, seriously, ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN.

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