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OhPenda.com is a teenager's outlet for new discoveries, her only chance to say that she's a writer too (having failed to write the young adult novels she's always dreamed of), her stomach's contents before digestion, the things she finds on TV, her family, her beliefs (God, culture, society) and obviously, lots of stories that nobody really can relate to (files 70% of this blog). Surprisingly, people do take time to read what's on her mind because she's just like everybody else, with a blog.

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 ..Sponsorship. .
My major sponsorship slot can only be filled by ONE (1) ADVERTISER per month. This package includes your banner ad on my sidebar (340x340 px) and up to FIVE (5) POSTS on your product / blog and social media promotion (facebook, twitter, instagram). To know more about this, email me at  penn@ohpenda.com

. .Collaborations. .
Collaboration terms are to be agreed upon by both parties. You may email me your terms at penn@ohpenda.com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible (five days tops). Previous collaborations I've done so far are Subtle Mentions (I'll mention your keyword and link to you and will be compensated in cash / gift check), Event Invitation (I'll be invited to an event and will blog about it) and Product Reviews (You send over a product and I'll blog about it). But if you have another collaboration in mind, please do send me an email so we can negotiate.

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