Sunday, 11 November 2012

In A Whim.

If blog readers can kill, you've probably murdered me right now. I have been so very very busy recently. What with all the last week of preparation before the Big Day. For those of you who know absolutely nothing about what I'm talking about, the Big Day's a wedding, where yours truly will be maid of honoring. The fun thing about maid of honoring is that, it's fun (DUH), the fallback is having school while the preparations are going on. Sigh. I was supposed to do lots and lots of things, ghost writing, studying and doing my homework but wasn't able to do so. I should really really prioritize better next time.

But if there's something you need to know about me, I do lots of things in a whim. Not really being sensible about it, but just doing it. I don't mean to (usually, they harm no one) but that's what happens some of the fliptacking times. Like yesterday, I was supposed to be busy with school but managed to take a sneak peek at our newly opened Centrio (Ayalaland) Mall. It was so packed! So when the guard wasn't looking, I entered through the exit! Now, I feel less of a law-abiding citizen. (this is actually my fb post on my friend's wall LOL).

Anyway, I wasn't able to take pictures yesterday, but I went there again today and got you guys these awesome pictures with Explorer Dad and Explorer Deb. Voila!

the deb-dadtastic duo~
here is some part of the entrance

was merrily snapping pictures of store signs when suddenly... LE GASP! wut in the cute ferry world?! are those bears?!
there's this and so many other stairs @_@
good boy! you can totally tell the other female k-9s have the hots for this macho alpha.
well, after running around in circles, we decided to eat at the adjacent Gaisano's pizza hut because ALL of them food places at Centrio were packed. sigh.

 Also, I took myself to LKK mall so I could get my blood donated. It's months overdue and I certainly don't wanna be on the not on the list of galloners list. So really, I had to get my arteries moving and my blood given. The people who bled me were very nice bleeders, they gave me lots of advice on my nursing career and I didn't even notice the breathlessness I usually feel when I lie supine, if it chose to exist today. I also am very glad we had the CPR training with The Philippine Redcross yesterday and I was reminded of my blood donating lapse. Ivana post pictures but since I haven't uploaded them from my phone yet (too lethargic. ugh) I'm going to post a photo of my first time donating.



  1. whaat, centrio is adjacent to gaisano?? i thought it was gonna be on that road going to sm behind nazareth or something.. the traffic must be baaad :O i really should make a blood donating appointment soon-_-" i keep forgetting.

  2. Nice new mall! And omg, the bears are really cute! I have a thing for bears and those are rly adorable. c: