04 October 2018

The beautiful city of Singapore was recently showcased in the new blockbuster hit, Crazy Rich Asians. As a person who's lived in Asia for 24 years, I'm very fortunate to have been twice and am eager to share what I know. If you are planning to visit Singapore, one of the first steps is to start the travel document acquisition process. The One Visa site is the best solution especially if the purpose of your travel is employment. While this process is being completed, your next important project is to get to know this small but wealthy destination. Read on to find out more about Singapore, beyond the box office hit.

01 October 2018

Malaysia is in Southeast Asia and is close to other countries such as Singapore, Indonesia Thailand, and Vietnam. Its largest city is Kuala Lumpur, which is also its capital. The population of over 320 million people is multi-ethnic and multicultural, with English being a language that is spoken by many of them.

27 March 2018

Last weekend, international gym Anytime Fitness' Cagayan de Oro arm invited us for a taste of what it's like to work out at one of the world's best fitness centers.

16 November 2017

Hey Sugar, also known as Nailaholics' younger sister, is about to open its doors to Cagayan de Oro residents on November 18, 2017. In lieu of this, their experts are sharing must know tips to prep for that much needed trip to this brand new waxing craze!

13 October 2017

Before the turn of the calendar, I was fortunate enough to attend the opening celebration of our local breast cancer support and advocacy community in Cagayan de Oro, ThriveCDO. Since it's officially #Pinktober, they launched a great lineup of activities that our locals can attend. (Note: you don't need to have cancer ib order to help promote this advocacy 😂)


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