5 Reasons Why You Should Join Anytime Fitness CDO

Last weekend, international gym Anytime Fitness' Cagayan de Oro arm invited us for a taste of what it's like to work out at one of the world's best fitness centers.

The whole CDO Bloggers community was invited to sample what it's like to work out at AF after our guided tour to the gym last weekend. Unfortunately, work kept me from joining my fellow bloggers on the tour. But undeterred, I pranced around the place like a seasoned member, no doubt thanks to the generosity of the accomodating staff. We were immediately surprised with the program they prepred for us: a six course High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with only 15 seconds in between 45 seconds of exercises bound to give me muscle aches in the morning. Check out the video here!

We spent 2-3 hours at the gym and I was to be able to experience what it's like to work out at AF (albeit only for a while) and I would like to tell you why you should definitely spend that 2k on membership!

1. Convenience
No doubt there are gyms in the city that open as early as 6am and as late as 11pm but nothing beats 24/7 access. Like their many branches around the globe, AF prides itself in providing unhinged access while a staff is around. If not, you are still allowed to utilize the gym for up to 2 hours. The location is also quite advantageous as there's no place more central than SM CDO Downtown Premier. Whether you're on your way to work, home or night out there is no excuse not to stop by and work out. Not only that, your key can access over 3,000 other branches in the world after just one month of use. This is especially helpful if you relocate to a new city or even a new country.

2. Connectivity
They are the only gym in the city with wifi enabled treadmills and ellipticals so you can browse the net while you sweat it out. If you're a fan of watching Kaya Itsenes fitness videos online then you can also stream from mobile or tablet since they have a decent wifi connection.

3. Cutting-edge Equipment

Aside the aforementioned hi-tech treadmills and ellipticals, the gym is also equipped with exercise cycles, rowing machines, customized free weights, racks, lateral x trainers and the likes. AF also provide members with access to lockers, private restrooms and showers. Lifestyle classes like yoga, zumba, boxing, plyometric and HIIT are also available at no extra costs.

4. Competent Staff
The gym has 4 very dedicated, well trained coaches to facilitate that healthier life for you. They have very diverse expertise and certifications so they are very likely to meet your needs. Their specialties include TRX Suspension, Rip60 and Functional movement, boxing, boot camp and body building. One of them is even trained in Basic Life Support.

5. Community
During the time I spent at AF, I can surely say that I can see myself being part of this gym. They're not only great at providing a clean and cozy atmosphere but also have a supportive community to propel you to achieving your fitness goals. A client can easily walk up to another client to say hi or discuss their fitness plans, diet, equipment and other lifestyle choices. Here you're not only helping build your physique but more importantly, your psyche.

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