Hey Sugar: Insider Waxing Tips!

Hey Sugar, also known as Nailaholics' younger sister, is about to open its doors to Cagayan de Oro residents on November 18, 2017. In lieu of this, their experts are sharing must know tips to prep for that much needed trip to this brand new waxing craze!

• Skip the lotion on the day of your appointment. For best results, the’ll need clean, dry skin.
• Stop shaving at least two weeks before your appointment. Hair needs to be long enough to lie flat on your skin. Those who shave typically have hair grow back uneven, which makes removing hair using wax difficult.
• Give your skin some breathing time after you wax. Your skin will be exposed and sensitive.
• Avoid the sun after a wax. So don’t schedule your appointment on the day before you leave for the beach.
• In general, avoid exposure to extreme heat, including saunas, steam rooms and hot showers. Go for cold water post waxing.
• Don’t wear tight clothing after an appointment, particularly synthetic lycra you usually wear as workout clothes, which also means this is your best excuse to skip the gym.
• Begin exfoliating a couple days after waxing to make sure that you prevent ingrown hairs. Are you psyched or what? To be honest, this will be the first time I'm going to try waxing as I barely have hair in most problem areas (axillae, legs) and I shave the hair around my privates. However, to give you the best review of this "all-natural" waxing experience, I've decided to go au naturel down there and quit shaving for a month (nyahahaha).

You can be convinced that they will only use 100% hypoallergenic sugar wax to achieve that hairless radiance to minimize irritation and allergic reactions. Having sensitive and irritable skin, I'm really happy that that my first waxing experience will be using these products.

Save the date! November 18, is the day you can try it for yourselves. They are located at 2F Centrio Mall (just above the Lego store near Payless). Meanwhile, I'll be attending a bloggers' day on the 17th so make sure you watch for that as well to get a glimpse of what's in store for us all!

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