Thursday, 7 March 2013

Site Update: New Layout!

Okay, I know I said I wont be ready until March 8, but I got excited and finished everything today. MUAHAHAHA. Yeah. Thank you for hyping it up, everyone who hyped it up :D Only tested it on our pc and have no clue if it works fine on other computers. Please check the navigational bar on top, does it have seven links? (Home to Affies)

So, how do you like it? Questions, questions?


  1. I LOVE IT~~! especially tthe floating clouds. xD hehe did you make this yourself?!?!?!?! If you did, i am really impressed. and even if you didn't, im still really impressed! ^_^

  2. one week of hard labor.
    i followed the skeleton of NYAHAHAHAHA

    thanks ezzy ~ <3

  3. Damn, this looks super!!! Love the passing fluffy clouds! How did you do it!? Smart girl :P

  4. whooaaa. very very cool ! the clouds are flying. what did u use to code that flying clouds?

  5. Me encantó! Todo todo todo. Vos sola lo haces? Sos como una ídola del diseño :D Te esperamos por nuestro espacio también, esperamos que puedas pasar. Abrazos!

  6. OMO! did you do this yourself dear? :O so cute! we have same taste in color! :D lovin' blue. <3

    I wan't a revamp too! :D