Friday, 15 March 2013

Parfois Opens in Centrio

Hey guys! Last weekend, I was invited to attend the opening of Parfois branch in Ayala's Centrio Mall in my city, Cagayan de Oro. (one of the million great perks of being a CdoBlogger
They gave us gifts to bring home as well. Thank you so much, Parfois Philippines!

There were tons of great loot that, if I had finances then and there, I would have bought! But as for now, I may have to continue convincing my mother to buy me a much needed accessory for our travel plans this May. (It's going really well, if I may say so myself) And it's a great thing that we (bloggers and I) have a discount (can somebody tell me until when?) so it makes the convincing and begging even more forcible.  Read more to see what went on that day!

A little background on Parfois

Parfois is one of Europe's leading fashion accessories brand and was actually founded by a Portuguese by the name of Manuela Medeiros (ooh! Another Portuguese hall-of-famer I'm adding to The List next to C. Ronaldo) in 1994. This branch is one of their 340 around the world. Their prices are pretty much affordable, ranging from Php 200 - Php 2000.

On a side note.. "Parfois" actually means "Sometimes" in French 

- Some say "parf-wa" but the actual pronunciation in Francais would be Pearf-wa. There's no other way to spell it. French people have weird "r"s. We know that Italians roll them but the French dont spit them out. Haha. Seriously, they pronounce it like it's stuck in the back of their tongue.
- And another fun fact: the opposite of Parfois is Toujours which means always or forever.

Okay enough cours des francais! Without further ado, here are the high qualities I took (using Tita Grace's CANON 550D) that day...

{ this is the bag! Maman! C'est magnifique! It will look great sitting in a Singaporean cafe. *wink* }


  1. the bags look nice ;) is that you in the pic? that bag also looks fab :)

  2. We have Parfois here and I love their stuff. Especially the watched and bags <3 *_*

  3. The stuff looks to-die- for. And you look lovely too :)

  4. Hey joy! Yep, that's me :)) they are pretty nice :)

    Keit - oh my gosh! My fashion guru just told me she loves the same brand that I do. I'm hyperventilating! Someone call 911! Lol, I agree :)) I'm definitely going to get myself a new watch this year...

    Thanks zalika! Their summer (because it summer here) is just fantabulous!

  5. I love that bag! And of course cant take my eyes away from those accessories

  6. The Bags look great and love the accessories too!

    P.S. Don't forget to participate in the first giveaway on my blog!

  7. This store looks amazing . This stuff , ohhh just awesome :) I wish i could be in the opening too .
    PS : The bag is great .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  8. Thanks everyone! Will definitely check out your giveaway, Seepz! I'm in need of good glasses :D

    Hi Noor! Maybe your area has a group of bloggers too, you should definitely google it :D